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The Way to Grow Bold, Beautiful Brows:

Now, more than ever, eyebrows are everything. Those little hairs above our eyes framework our own face, which implies they can really make or break our appearance. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky enough to be blessed with full eyebrows. Whether you’re guilty of over-plucking or just have naturally lean hair, you do not have to give up in your dreams of having daring brows only yet. While it’s correct that growing your eyebrows out can be a tricky procedure, we are walking you through how to perform it, incremental.

1. Do Not Touch Them

While it might look obvious that you shouldn’t remove any brow hairs when you are trying to grow them out, it’s a good deal harder than it seems. Hairs will pop up all over the area, things will get messy-looking, and you’re going to need to fight the temptation to pluck them. But your best choice is to ditch the tweezers and cancel some waxing or threading appointments for a few months. Just remember what caused your lean brows before you journey back down this street. Give it a break, and also have any patience; good things take time!

2. Exfoliate the Region

We all know exfoliating is essential for smooth skin, however, our eyebrows may actually benefit from it, too. Taking a soft toothbrush, gently exfoliate the eyebrow region.

3. Try a Serum or Vitamin

You will find a whole lot of brow-growth serums available on the marketplace which cannot just help your hair grow in but also do this quickly since the serums are powered by peptides, which encourage hair growth in the follicle.

4. Fill Them In

It is likely that if you are trying to grow your brows in, you’ve got some bald areas. Luckily, any thin sections are easily camouflaged with an eyebrow powder or pencil. Decide on a product that matches the color of your eyebrows, or you could even opt for a shade darker if you want them to become more defined.

5. Tame Unruly Hairs

As we said before, when growing out your brows, it’s typical for things to get a little messy. During this procedure, we recommend using a brow gel to maintain the hairs in place. Just brush the gel above your brows for a more polished appearance.

6. Conceal Unwanted Hairs

By filling in your brows and setting them in position with brow gel, you’ll create a contour for the brows. Like we said before, do not touch some hairs, even the ones that have grown outside of the form you’ve created. Instead, using a concealer pen, carve your eyebrow shape. This will hide any extra hair while also further defining your brows.

7. Have Them Professionally Shaped

As soon as you’ve finally grown your own eyebrows to their full potential, it’s time to get them shaped by a professional. Keep in mind, the duration of this procedure will differ depending on the status of your brows–exceptionally thin and over-plucked brows can take months to fully grow back, while a sparse section could take just a couple weeks to grow in. Ask your waxer or even threader, letting them know that you would like to tidy up and define your brows (while taking away as little hair as possible).


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