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If you are looking for a wristband for yourself or a bulk purchase, ordering them online has its benefits. However, to ensure that you get the best product and deal, you could do a little more than just order the first one you find.You can wear a wristband or bracelet for various reasons, it could be a fashion statement, an endorsement, to raise awareness, at a school event, a family reunion and so on. Wristbands are very cheap and popular, making them a great choice for promoting events, campaigns, raising awareness etc. Wristband manufacturing also costs less allowing its makers to produce large numbers of wristbands and make them easily available and affordable. It is very easy to find wristbands today, and if your local shop has less variety, you can always go online and find hundreds of wristband options.

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If you are looking for a wristband for yourself or a bulk purchase, ordering them online has its benefits. However, to ensure that you get the best product and deal, you could do a little more than just order the first one you find. A few more clicks will do the trick, but before you begin your search, decide the purpose for which you want the wristbands for and the budget. You also need to have a credit card or an account with which you can pay for things you buy online such as PayPal.

As mentioned before, you will find a humongous variety of wristbands and websites that sell them. Some have more designs, some offer better price, some claim to have been made from the best material and so on. There are rubber wristbands, tyvek wristbands, silicone wristbands etc., based on their material. There are also embossed, debossed, colorfilled, printed, segmented, swirl, figured, dual layer, blank wristbands and more based on their designs as well. This is where you need to do a little comparison between the sites and their offers.


The first you should check up on is the material used in making the wristbands. Although others are also made and used largely, the most in demand and best in quality would be the silicone wristbands. Known to provide high durability and weather resistance with high color retention, silicone wristbands offer value for each penny you invest. Ensure that you buy only 100 percent silicone wristbands so that they can be worn for years without fading of the color.


You can select from a wide range of wristband designs. Go for embossed, debossed, printed, color filled, figured, glow in dark, segmented, swirl, dual layer or blank wristbands relevant to your purpose. For example, the glow in dark wristbands give off a great visual on a dark dance floor at parties while debossed design is a classic and suits almost any event or occasion.


People usually choose a specific color that is symbolic and relevant to the event for which they want the wristbands. Lance Armstrong’s ‘Livestrong’ wristbands are yellow in color which has a significance in professional cycling (and for which it was chosen too). Likewise, you can pick a color that symbolizes or is close to your event or cause, for instance, if you are raising environmental awareness green is an ideal color.

To get the best price, just compare the same order with the same material quality, design and color, on various sites. Some websites also offer to beat any other competitor’s price. You are lucky if you find such offer, you can go to them with the quotation of the lowest one you found and get an even lower price.

Other areas you can consider are the shipping and customer services, sizes, minimum order quantity and other flexibility options at each site you visit. Some also offer custom make wristbands so you can add your own artwork. Also, check if the site provides samples and digital proofs, they offer a smart way to see how your finished custom made, debossed or embossed bracelets will look like. You can also search for discount coupons for the particular site from where you are ordering, if found, you can save more.

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