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Nerf RIVAL Precision Battling Blasters:

The Nerf Revolution for Adults:

Nerf RIVAL is an all-new, high heeled Field of toy Blasters from Hasbro. It also happens to be one of the more confusing Nerf goods for kids, since we often connect”Nerf” together with”safe and soft.” And to some degree, that is still accurate using Nerf RIVAL, which can be sold in the toy blaster aisle directly alongside conventional Nerf blasters. In reality, the whole assumption of the RIVAL point is the fact that it performs at a level nearer to Airsoft or paintball than conventional Nerf products–and that is deliberate. Hasbro believes the elderly, 14+ age category is a lost opportunity, a group that would rather play video games or intense sports than play Nerf guns. So what exactly did they do? They ramped up the performance to convince older children –and possibly some adults–to set down the controller and start blasting.

The New Nerf Has Caveats:

To be clear, Nerf RIVAL still utilizes foam ammunition, but the New,”high influence rounds” (medium-density foam balls of nearly 1″ in diameter) are propelled at velocities of 85 to just over 100 feet-per-second–approximately 30-40 feet-per-second quicker than ordinary Nerf darts. These higher velocities could spell difficulty for children below the age of 14 who might be interested in RIVAL blasters. In reality, Hasbro goes so far as to market Nerf RIVAL masks that, although not safety rated, so make it crystal clear shots to the face possess the potential for harm. But we are also concerned about the usage of RIVAL blasters from under-age users on younger sisters, creatures, or others for whom the higher inherent velocities can be injurious.

In addition to the security concerns from the speed of RIVAL’s high-impact rounds, we also have noted that critters –and perhaps little kids –might discover these small, foam balls a tempting treat. And we guess they would be a choking hazard in such cases, requiring specific vigilance beyond even that demanded of classic foam darts. One left-handed RIVAL round discovered lying in the backyard can spell trouble.

But for older teenagers–adults, especially–most of those Drawbacks will be readily forgotten if these high-performance beasts come out To play. With both the RIVAL Apollo and Zeus, we saw remarkable ranges of Around 90 feet using an arc (about 1/3 of that when firing flat) and taken Velocities close to 100 feet-per-second. Accurate than the Apollo, and had a higher rate-of-fire. Both the Zeus and Apollo are notable, but in how they transcend what is possible from Traditional Nerf blasters that normally can not shoot as far nor strike almost as hard. Yes, it’s possible to look at specific attributes of the Apollo or Zeus and Find a blaster that does one thing or another better, but for an overall Package at only $25, the Apollo is difficult to conquer a functionality and fun Belt out hard-hitting rounds.

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