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Benefits & Disadvantages of Dry Heat Sterilization:

What is Dry Heat Sterilization?

Dry heat sterilization is really a sterilization method that Uses really hot temperatures to kill and eliminate possible pathogenic organisms in an object or surface. Specifically, dry heat sterilization is achieved via the practice of heat conduction, which is an expression that refers to the transport of heat from 1 thing into another. Throughout dry heat sterilization, heat from 1 object is transferred to a different item. Then, the warmth gradually travels through the item until the whole object is warmed. Once an item is heated to a high enough temperature for a long enough time, it is going to become sterilized.

There are two different varieties of dry heat sterilization. One type is known as mechanical convection, and it entails a buff that helps circulate the heated air across the heated room (consider a convection oven that’s found in many homes and restaurants). The other sort is known as static-air, and it does not involve a buff. Rather, static-air dry heat sterilization simply involves a heating source (usually in the bottom of the room ) which will create the heat to rise naturally. The mechanical convection system is the faster, and more consistent process of dry heat sterilization.

For dry heat sterilization to operate effectively, a certain Temperature needs to be attained for a particular amount of time. These temperatures and times include:

  • 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.5 hours or longer
  • 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour
  • 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 0.5 hours


  • There are several advantages to utilizing heat Sterilization technique, and these benefits include:
  • It Doesn’t cause metals to rust or rust
  • It’s relatively cheap
  • It does not release any harmful or hazardous fumes or pollutants


Disadvantages for dry heat sterilization contain:

  • It is comparatively slow (may take a couple hours)
  • Many objects Can’t withstand the very high temperatures required for dry heat sterilization (ex: some plastics would melt)

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