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What is a pilot’s job?

First, let’s differentiate the various types of pilots. The two major kinds for aircrafts comprise fixed-wing (airplane) and the rotary wings (helicopter). There are three kinds of flying categories that are commercial, private and military.

  • Private pilots are able to fly light aircrafts for fun, like the tiny propeller planes you’ve seen flying low in skies near your home including Cessnas as well as Pipers. They can fly on their own or bring their family and friends up. There is no way to earn money from this sort of flying.
  • Commercial pilots receive further training as private pilots. This allows them to obtain the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL). They are able to fly revenue flights for businesses and airlines. In addition to sightseeing flights, to transporting passengers and cargo across the globe This area of advice will concentrate on this particular area.
  • The military pilots take a completely different route, receiving special training to operate military aircrafts to join the military. In the UK the most popular routes are through The RAF, Royal Navy or British Army. You can also begin your flight career with the air cadets squadron.

The job of a pilot is to ensure that the aircraft as well as daily operations are conducted according to high standards for safety, efficacy, and competence. It’s a common myth that cadet pilots have to be co-pilots, who do not have to touch the controls. It’s not the truth.

As a First Officer Cadet, you’ll be responsible for taking-offs landings, approaches, and general cruise duties by utilizing a combination of manual operations and computers-controlled flight systems. You’ll need to maintain fuel logs and be in contact via Air Traffic Control (ATC) and, of course, enjoy looking out over the vast expanse of space below!

Communication is a crucial aspect when you are a pilot because you’ll be communicating with co-pilots, cabin staff members, air traffic control and passengers at all times for a secure and efficient flight.

Based on the airline or aircraft you fly with, you might be able to return to your home base at the conclusion of each day or discover yourself on the way to a different city for an evening or two.

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