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Tips for Cleaning Your Wooden Cutting Board:

1. Do not ever put your board in your dishwasher.

This might seem obvious, however, it has to be said. “We’ll get calls from people stating their boards split because they place them into the dishwasher,” states Trifiro. Please don’t do so –regardless of how tired or tired, you are to wash it. The extended exposure to water and heat can make your board twist, crack, or split. Plus, doing this will void most manufacturer warranties.

2. Instead, clean it.

Warm (not scalding) water, a sponge and a bar of small dish soap (Trifiro urges a typical brand, such as Palmolive or Dawn) ought to do the trick. Be certain you scrub hard enough to get all the gunk away, especially in any tiny slits and crevices where food may linger.

3. Address stains immediately.

Removing stains from wood can be complicated, says Trifiro, since”there’s not a lot you can do about these ” Your best bet is to clean your board immediately the following usage before the blot gets overly saturated in the wood. If that’s a brand new, you can try eliminating splotches with fine grit sandpaper or a Scotch-Brite Greener Clean scrub sponge this link opens in a new tab, recommends Trifiro. Just do not become overzealous with the scrubbing–otherwise, you can make a divot on your board.

4. And do not let it boil in the sink.

Again, prolonged exposure to water may seriously ruin your wooden board, which is why it’s sensible to just wash it right after use, instead of stirring and leaving it in a soapy sink for later.

5. Allow it to air dry equally.

As you clean your board, then it is going to begin to soak up any of these water and naturally expand. If it dries, it will naturally contract. It is a totally normal process and your board will probably bounce back–but only as long as it’s in a position to wash evenly. “Letting your board atmosphere dry evenly will allow the wood to expand and contract evenly too,” clarifies Trifiro.

An even dry means toweling off your board as you can then propping it vertical or putting it into a drying rack so all sides are equally exposed to the atmosphere. Only resting your board flat on the counter–a no-no–“would make the bottom contract unevenly,” says Trifiro,” which could warp the board or damage the adhesive joints [the regions where different parts of wood are glued together, such as in an end-grain wood cutting board and other popular makes].”

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