August 2019

What Should I Look For When Buying an LED TV Screen Protector? August 2019

There are some important factors that one should consider when buying TV screen protection as you have just spent a lot of money on your latest LCD or plasma TV and you are now wanting maximum protection for your Television and that is the point of buying a TV screen protector in the first instant. The thickness and the type of material used to manufacture the protectors plays a major role.

You will find that some companies offer a 1/8″ thick screen protector and other companies of a ¼” thick screen protector. However the thickness does not seem to be all that different but the ¼” will definitely afford your LCD far more protection as opposed to the 1/8″ LCD screen protector. If you have a small 19″ then either protector will suffice as the thin one will work just as well as the thick one does. From 32″ upward that the thicker protector is far better as it will give your LCD far more protection.

You are probably questioning as to why there is a difference I mean after all a screen protector is just a TV screen cover or is it. Actually it is all about the flex and the absorption of impact. If the protector is too flexible there is a possibility that it could damage the LCD screen as the protector needs to be thick which will enable it to absorb any impact and it is also rigid enough to not damage the LCD screen if hit. Or instance if your child throws a ball or a toy car and it hit the LED TV screen protector the protector will absorb the impact of the object thrown and your LCD screen will have come t absolutely no harm.

On the other hand if a protector is the thinner version meaning less than a quarter inch and your child throws one of his toys at the protector screen there is a very good chance that on impact the TV cover screen will bend quite considerably and in turn will hit the LCD TV screen and damage the screen. So as you can clearly see a much thicker screen protector will prevent over flexing which will inevitably provide you with maximum protection.

In fact manufacturers should clearly state these differences instead of trying to make a quick sale and then only to find that your TV screen protector is inadequate. The thinner TV protectors should be made specifically for the smaller LCD TV’s and the thicker TV screen protector should be for the much larger TV’s. This will save the consumer from having to make a decision as to which one should I buy the thinner one or the thicker one.

When you buy a TV screen guard LCD you obviously want the maximum protection and at the same time you want to maintain the HD picture quality which is critical as that is why you bought and LCD in the first place. So consider all of these facts before buying a TV screen cover.

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