August 2019

What Inspires Fancy Dress Costumes? August 2019

Fancy dress parties have been around since as long as, perhaps, The Pyramids. Think how you would feel, if someone actually turns up as Pyramids, rolling his weight around and creating a landslide. The occasion gives an opportunity to bring light into our otherwise dull and dreary lives. The only question that remains is how or what you would like to turn up as.

Varying dressing senses round the globe

Indian dressing sense is remarkably different than Arabians, English, Greeks, Chinese, and Americans, they all have different dressing tastes. Mixing apparels of different countries is so awkward, it actually becomes wonderful.

Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein are the colorful characters people look up to and love to impersonate. There are a number of characters derived from comic strips (kids take to them), movies and books. People like appearing as a Vito Corleone (The Godfather) or even, Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) to lighten up the kids. Of course, Jesus Christ, Thor and Santa Claus remain perennial favorites.

We can at least play Gods if we cannot be them!

Real life inspirations

Fancy dress costumes often take the warp and weft from real people around us. The grumpy uncle, the benevolent grandfather, the star-wannabe neighbor or even the roadside tramp invoke inspiration almost at will. Kids, meanwhile, love to remain in their world of fantasy, indulging in Super Heroes while girls throw a radish at Snow White or Cinderella.

The rich and famous like to create sensation, appearing as ET, Hulk or even goblins. This requires lots of make-up and prosthetic assistance and involves cost, but since these parties do not come every day, they don’t mind.

Spread awareness with costumes

Some fancy dress costumes are morality-induced. People may fleet an appearance as a tree with falling leaves and a sign, saying, ‘Save the trees’. Else, they can impersonate polar bears or tigers, making it a plea to protect endangered species. Kids love the round form of a potato or ruddiness of a tomato, and willingly slide under their garb.

Preparing the costumes

It actually takes a bit of preparation to ably and deftly impersonate somebody else. Your face, your nails and hair have to be arranged in a way as to suit the character you are playing. The props have to be methodical (what would Thor do without his mace!). However, as it all ends in an environment of laughs and fascination, all goes well.

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