August 2019

What Happened to Apple? August 2019

Apple announced its latest gadgets a couple of weeks back and as a huge fan of Steve Jobs, I was not impressed at all. Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. And since the un-timely death of Jobs, I am afraid to say that Apple has now become a follower instead of being an industry leader.

The last two reveals of iPhone 5s, 6s and 6 Plus have been a disaster in my opinion. I am not a tech guru or a business expert, but I have been a user of iPhone for a long time. I saw Steve Jobs presentation of iPhone 4 and within a couple of weeks I got myself the first ever iPhone and was amazed by it. That was the second Apple product I ever used and my experience with both the iMac and iPhone 4 were great because both products were one of the best in their respective niche.

Unfortunately the latest iPhone were unable to amuse me and many other smart phone users. There are millions of smart phone users who were waiting that Apple is going to come out with something new this time (referring to the iPhone 5s launch that was almost the same phone as its predecessor). And they did come out with a bigger version, but didn’t manage to do better than several other smart phones that have been launched a year or two earlier. Samsung with their latest S5 did amaze the tech crowd with a bigger better version of their product. So did Sony, HTC, Nokia and other manufacturers of Android smart phones. But Apple failed to wow the crowd (although the phone hasn’t hit the market yet) because of the tech specs.

Both new iPhones are bigger than before, iPhone 6 at 4.7 inches of IPS display while the 6 Plus with 5.5 inches, which is bigger than all of its predecessors. Almost all high end Android phones come with a 441 pixels per inch display density but the new iPhone 6 comes with a 326 pixels per inch density. The main camera is again 8 MP while the competitors are coming up with at least 13 to 20 MP cameras. Then there are other tech specs like the CPU, GPU that have been upgraded to perform better than the predecessors but the real performance will be shown after the phone hits the market. I guess no one has gotten a hands-on experience with the new iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus but on paper, things are not looking impressive.

Like I said, I am not a tech guru or an expert, just an average user who likes to use the latest gadgets. I am one of the people who likes to think before they are spending huge amounts of money on the latest gadgets and while comparing the tech specs on paper, I will pass on buying the new iPhone. The reason is simple, “What happened to Apple?” Steve Jobs must have hired the top brains of the industry to work for Apple, so why is it that this is the third time they came up with something that doesn’t look good in comparison with other competitors. Maybe I am wrong and my opinion changes when I get my hands on one of the phones launched.

I work in the IT industry where innovation and staying ahead of the crowd is the corner stone of success. A while ago we had a project of an eCommerce website development. The client was insisting of creating an online shopping portal based on a leading eCommerce website. Our project manager and analyst told the client that it will not be beneficial for them if they opt for the same design pattern. But the client insisted on following the same pattern and the end product wasn’t able to impress the online shoppers. After a few months the client agreed to innovate the design which is now getting popularity in the online market. The reason why that particular eCommerce website development project didn’t succeed was that there was no innovation in design or features of the website. And this is what I am feeling with the latest iPhone launch. I really hope that the top brains working in the Apple headquarters have seen the paper comparisons circulating on the social media and will be able to keep this “Leader” of a company not becoming a “Follower”.

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