August 2019

What Clothes Are in Fashion? This Year’s Stand-Out Celebrity Gowns August 2019

Dressing to impress is on the majority of women’s minds. In fact most women strive to find out what clothes are in fashion before making a purchase. Most of the time, the fashion that we base our clothing choices on comes straight from the celebrity trends. If you are planning on going to a special event that requires a stunning full length dress, you need to know which celebrity gowns stood out the most this year!

Knowing what clothes are in fashion is simple if you keep up with the tabloids and fashion magazines. This year has seen an abundance of absolutely gorgeous gowns worn by celebrities, making your choice for your special event that much more difficult. There are two aspects to take into consideration when buying clothing of any description. Firstly, be sure to choose something that suits your body and, secondly, be sure to choose something that suits your wallet! Remember, having to break the bank for an item that you are only going to wear once is simply not worth it. Rather choose an item that is versatile, makes you look absolutely stunning and fits into your budget. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with choosing an undergarment to make your body look that much better – celebrities do it all the time in order to ensure that they have curves in all the right places.

If you want to fashion your outfit choice on some of the stand-out celebrity gowns worn this year, you may need to expose a little bit of flesh. Two of the stand-out celebrity gowns left very little to the imagination. Rhianna was first to make a splash with her nude, bejewelled gown. Needless to say, the dress received mixed reviews as her decency was only covered by a nude thong. Kendall Jenner was the second celebrity to take a chance with skin. For a young adult, this dress could be seen as a bit too risqué. Nevertheless, the hip-high slits certainly made an impact! She looked absolutely stunning, but it was clear to the world that no underwear was worn with this dress. You do not need to go to the extent of these two celebrities with your gown choice, but remember that it is “in” at the moment to show a little bit of skin. This can be done tastefully by using lace in suggestive and strategic places, as well as cut-outs.

Elegance is what you make of it. In most cases, less is more, so choose a dress that shows off all of your best assets in a tasteful way. Knowing what clothes are in fashion can certainly help you with your decision – just remember that you can still add your own personality to whatever outfit you choose!

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