August 2019

What All Women Should Know About Hair Extensions August 2019

For many ladies, it seems that whatever you do, you just can’t get your hair to look like the one that your favourite Hollywood celebrity is currently sporting. You always have frizzy, dry and unruly hair. Worse, after a haircut, you find that it usually takes you months to grow your hair to your desired length and as such, you are stuck with a do that you don’t like for a really long period of time.

At present, there are several types of treatments that are really the perfect solution for any kind of hair problems you may have. One of these treatments or solutions is hair extensions.

Hair Extensions

If you are still clueless about what these are, hair extensions are products that are placed on a person’s locks of hair to make it longer.

They can be made up of human hair, synthetic products or a combination of human, synthetic and even animal hair.

The process of applying this product can be quite tricky and this always has to be done by a trained and skilled hairdresser. The process of putting this on starts with placing the product on the parting of a small section of hair. The hair will then be criss-crossed over the extension. The real hair and the extension will then be tightly plaited or braided together and painted with bonding solutions. Lastly, through “heat sealing”, a heated clamp will be used to melt the solution to seal the extension around the hair.

If applied properly, most hair extensions will last up to four months. However, after this length of time, the special glue-like bond used will begin to loosen and the extensions will fall off.

Advantages Of Using Hair Extensions

The following are some of the benefits of having hair extensions:

• You can have the natural look of having long locks without waiting too long for your locks to grow and reach the length you want.

• With this product, you will easily have an instant new look that is quite easy to care for and maintain.

• You can have an intricate pattern of different colors or beads added to the extension anytime you want to without damaging your tresses.

Disadvantages Of Having Hair Extensions

Below are some of the downsides of having this hair product:

• This product can damage your natural tresses. The glue used to attach the extension to your natural locks can burn and split the ends of your hair when you have the extension removed.

• Additional pressure is also applied to your scalp if a lot of long or heavy extensions are added. This can lead to your natural tresses thinning as well.

• Some individuals have also complained of having headaches because of the additional weight of the hair and even allergies to the bonding glue used.

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