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Benefits and Programs of Portable EKG Monitors:

Your Physician may suggest you get an electrocardiogram — also Called an EKG or ECG — to test for indications of cardiovascular disease. It is a test that records the electrical activity of your ticker through small electrode patches that a tech attaches into the skin of the chest, torso, and thighs.

EKGs are fast, secure, and painless. With this evaluation, your doctor will have the ability to:

  • Check your heart rhythm
  • See if You’ve Got poor blood flow to your heart muscle (this is called ischemia)
  • Diagnose a heart attack
  • Check on things that are unnatural, for example, thickened heart muscle
  • Detect if there are significant electrolyte abnormalities, Such as high potassium or low calcium.

How Can I Prepare?

Some things you can do to get yourself prepared:

  • Avoid fatty or greasy skin creams and lotions on daily of the Test as they can continue to keep the electrodes from making contact with your skin.
  • Avoid full-blown hosiery, since electrodes need to become Placed directly on your thighs.
  • Wear a shirt that you can remove readily to place the outcomes on Your chest.
  • What Happens During an Electrocardiogram?
  • A technician will attach 10 electrodes with adhesive pads to the skin of your torso, arms, and thighs. If you’re a guy, you might need to have your chest hair shaved to permit a better relationship.
  • During the test, you will lie flat as a computer generates a Picture, on chart paper, of those electrical impulses that move through your heart. This can be called a”resting” EKG, even though the exact same test may be used to look at your heart while you exercise.
  • It requires about 10 minutes to attach the electrodes and complete the evaluation, but the recording takes just a couple of seconds.
  • Your doctor will keep your EKG routines on file so that he Can compare these to tests you receive in the future.

Different types of EKG Tests

Aside from the Normal EKG, your Physician can recommend other Types:

  • Holter monitor. It is a portable EKG that assesses the Electrical activity of your heart for 1 to 2 days, 24-hours a day. Your doctor can suggest it when he suspects you’ve got an abnormal heart rhythm, so you’ve got palpitations, or do not have enough blood flow to your heart muscle.
  • Like the normal EKG, it’s painless. The electrodes from The track is taped to your skin. Once they’re set up, you can go home and perform all your normal activities except shower. Your health care provider will ask you to keep a journal of what you did and some symptoms you are visiting.
  • Event track. Your doctor can suggest that this device should you Just get symptoms now and then. When you push on a button, then it will record and store your heart’s electrical activity for a couple of minutes. You may need to wear It for weeks or sometimes weeks.

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