August 2019

Ways to Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop August 2019

Even with all the modern technology that is available in the world today, there still is not a laptop battery that can last all day long without it being recharged. This can be rather irritating especially if you can not find a plug to plug your laptop into. This always happens when you need your laptop the most, Murphy’s Law you know.

Here are some tips on how to preserve the life of your laptop battery during the day or evening so you can avoid having to scramble for an outlet.

1. Screen Backlighting

Lowering the brightness of your screen will save you a lot of battery life as the brightness takes up a lot of battery juice. Set your backlighting so that it automatically lowers when you unplug your laptop.

2. Stop scheduled tasks

Your virus scanner and automatic updates run on a regular schedule. Disconnect these from automatic so you have to turn them on manually. This will save on your battery life. Run these only when your laptop is plugged into an outlet.

3. Unplug USB devices and discs.

When you have something plugged into your USB drive your laptop’s battery is constantly connected to that device. The same with CD’s which are sitting idle in your laptop; even though they are not being used, your laptop is reading them. Remove what you don’t need to use when using your laptop if it is not plugged in.

4. Turn off all messaging apps.

By turning off your messaging apps and Skype you will be able to save a lot of battery life as these apps are constantly pinging the web. If you are watching a movie or working on a project you don’t want to be bothered anyway so turn these off and watch how much juice your battery will keep.

5. Turn off your volume

If you are not in need of using your volume control while you are working on your laptop simply turn it off or mute it. Believe it or not even if you put your volume control all of the way to the lowest mark it is still using your battery. Simply shut it off or mute it when you are not using it.

6. Clean your battery contact

By using rubbing alcohol and water wipe down the contacts on your laptop battery. Making sure your battery contacts stay clean will help preserve the live of your battery. Make sure they are completely dried before returning the battery to your laptop.

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