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What is the Walabot?

The Walabot is a new and exciting tool that offers everyone, from ordinary people to engineers, the capacity to have x-ray vision. It’s the ultimate X-Ray DIY tool from Israel-based Vayyar Imaging, uses low-power radio frequency to detect objects inside the wall. This unique sensor can see through your walls. So you can prevent drilling through wires and pipes, metal and other solid objects. It even lets you track Pests and detect any movement behind your walls. It attaches right to your smartphone to enable the power of X-Ray vision. Look inside your walls and detect wires, pipes, PVC, wood, and studs. It’s good news for a plumber to detect any water leakage pipe inside the walls. It was originally made to see through Human tissue to detect cancers in the body but it also makes for a perfect home Diy sensor.

What’s in the box?

  • Walabot DIY sensor
  • microUSB cable
  • Magnetic disc
  • Protective plastic sheet
  • Manual/instructions

Would not it be great to be able to chase your friends behind walls in multiplayer? Seems like video gaming from the future! CEO Raviv Melamed imagines apps to help the blind prevent obstacles, assistance robotics end up being independent, or sharp you if something bad occurs behind the wall.

While Walabot’s imaging capacities may sound just like those of Microsoft Kinect, the technology operates in a basically different means. While the Kinect makes use of infra-red scanning to map 3D spaces, the Walabot makes use of radar to identify objects and people. This different strategy suggests the devices have different powers and abilities. It has a more advanced detection length through the wall.

Sleep Analyzer: The 3D imaging sensor is likewise efficient in keeping an eye on breathing patterns and also does not use an electronic camera so it could serve as a rest analyzer while securing the individual’s privacy.

Speedometer: Walabot smart scanner has the capability to calculate the speed of moving items around you like a cricket ball being hit, cars that pass by, and most objects in vibrant movement.

Walabot’s Radar TechnologyTo get the Walabot’s radar modern technology into an inexpensive tool the size of a mobile phone, Vayyar plays a big role as Imaging established a “really complex” system-on-a-chip for accumulating as well as managing the radar information. It comes in pairs combination and a collection of the algorithm, that evaluate and also make the sense of the radar data and make up for the distortion caused by Walabot’s case.

Vehicle Radar: You can use a car or bike radar system which will provide alerts if you are in danger. It has 15 antenna array and radar mode API for 2D tracking and monitoring.

Walabots Censor Costs:  Walabot Censor costs between $150 and $599 (£104 to £415), it depends on your choice. It’s only available in the US, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada. If you are interested to purchase Walabot pack, it’s a golden time for you. Don’t be late. Walabot reduced the price and offered $99 for a limited time and 14-day money back guarantee. The $599 Pro versions available for high-end users, like businesses or research institutions.

Walabot Battery Life: The Walabot can last the longest on a single battery charge and crew members additionally preparing to release a version with an affixed battery.

Walabot Android Scanning App: You can easily setup Walabot app by watching its demo in Google Play and also available on Youtube. You can run an app on your Android app 5.0 above, and supportive of USB-OTG. Check out videos of all of WalabotDIY’s capabilities – www.walabot.com/diyvid

Additional Information:

Updated: January 2, 2018

Installs: 100,000 – 500,000

Current Version:

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

What’s New In Walabot:

  • In-app tutorial videos.
  • Smart power management & Battery saving.
  • Portrait app for improved stud detection.
  • Enhanced interface for guided calibration.
  • New installation screens.

Email Support: If you have any problem to setup walabot app or other things, you can take help without hesitation from Support@walabot.com

Regardless of shipping with this example app, the Walabot is largely aimed at developers that desire to build their very own applications around it. It connects to smartphone and computers via a Micro-USB cable.

Various SDKs will certainly be readily available, initially an Android SDK for the C++/ Java programming languages, followed by a C#/ VB/C++ SDK for Windows and also a C++ SDK for Linux.

Platforms: At this time the Walabot is available only with Android smartphones.

Walabot Youtube Subscribe: If you want to be known about the latest happenings of the store, subscribe their Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCULlgO9fDk3jFHdVWKAcDjg with your email address. You can also follow Walabot’s social media pages on Facebook, and Twitter. The store is normally very active on social media. Doing this, you would be benefited in picking up many promotional offers and new arrivals tools from the walabot store.

Orders and delivery: Walbot is dedicated to giving the best of the solution with utmost dedication. So, it delivers the products to your door at right time. Walabot offers free delivery on all the products. It does not include any customs fees and international taxes if you apply in your country. All the items get dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. However, delays may occur during the sale season, weekends and festive holidays.

Hassle-Free Return Policy:
If you are not happy with the products here at Walabot, you always have the option to return the product back to the store. You have 14-days time to do so.

Place Bulk Order and Save Good: If you want to purchase a bulk quantity of product from Walabot then simply contact the store. They will provide you with amazing deals with discounts. If you feel you are happy with the quote, you can proceed further.

Get in touch: For more details about anything related to the products, you can get in touch with the walabot customer services at support@walabot.com. You can also reach the company through their social media account like:



Frequently Asked Questions:
What materials can you see through Walabot app? 
You can see through cement, drywall, and wood. You can also detect studs (wooden and metal), pipes, wires through it.
Can I find studs behind a tiled wall?
I suspect electrical wires in a certain area. Can I find it?
Does Walabot provide the free trial? 
Yes, Try risk-free – 14-day money-back guarantee
Where can I get help with my stud finder?
Walabot Customer Service and Technical Support is available Monday through Friday. You can contact them at support@walabot.com.
Can this trace metal pipelines?
Can we detect the PVC pipeline?
Can this be used to detect concealed electrical wires inside concrete/brick walls?
yes it can
Does Walabot work on Tablets device? 
What is the refund policy?
you can refund within 14 days and get all the amount of money.  If you wish to return your unit, please email us at support@walabot.com.


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