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Three Advantages and Disadvantages to Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets can have a profound effect on our lives, whether we are shopping, communicating with loved ones, or learning new skills.

Our smartphone allows you to keep track of calories burned, make delicious meals with microwave ovens, and video call your loved ones from your phone.

You can experience serious side effects from electronic gadgets such as depression, procrastination and obesity if they aren’t used correctly.

Children are experiencing adverse effects on their eyesight.

A smartphone is often used to pacify children. This is one example of gadget misuse. If their child is not listening or cranky, most parents will hand their phone to their child.

Parents will mad at their children later on when they get used to smartphones.

These beautiful pieces of technology have many other disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of electronic gadgets.

Electronic Gadgets: The Advantages

1 Productivity increases

Time is money is a well-known saying that fits perfectly in our fast-paced world. How productive you are will determine your growth. You can increase your productivity by using electronic gadgets.

A big screen monitor is great for web designers, game developers, and video editors. You can focus on the details quickly without having to zoom in and out as many times as with a normal laptop screen.

While you commute in the metro, your smartphone can be used to reply to your email on the move. This will save you time and allow you to start your day with something important such as a discussion with the team rather than responding client emails.

Without having to unlock your phone, you can instantly reply to messages from your smartwatch or fitness band.

An electronic food processor is a great option for homemakers. It cuts down on the time it takes to cut, chop, and knead as much as if you did everything manually.

2 Better Communication

Apps like WhatsApp allow for instant communication between electronic gadgets. Instantly communicate with loved ones via video or chats.

Even for the public sector, official letters that were sent earlier take between 5 and 7 days to reach the office responsible for the delay in order implementation. After the order has been issued, each government office receives the required order via email in just a few minutes.

This has allowed for a streamlined administrative process with high-speed communication thanks to devices like laptops, WiFi routers and internet modems.

3 Enhanced Learning

You will understand if you are a passionate reader how a tiny Kindle e-reader can help to preserve hundreds of books and save you the hassle of caring for physical copies.

Students can benefit from electronic gadgets in many ways to improve their learning.

Online courses can be viewed on laptops and tablets by students to help them learn about science or math.

Interactive guidance via recorded videos, presentations and live classes makes learning easy.

They can also learn new skills such as programming, painting, and web design.

Electronic Gadgets’ Disadvantages

1 Addiction

Social media can be addictive. You could easily spend your time on your smartphone or laptop checking out various posts, reading news or watching short videos.

Children can become addicted to texting, gaming, and watching videos of kids on youtube. This causes them to procrastinate from schoolwork.

Chemical reactions in the brain are responsible for this addiction. Dopamine, also known as pleasure hormone, is the main cause of addiction.

Dopamine is released in the brain when you receive reward for completing an action. This gives you the feeling that you are content and fulfilled.

Large quantities of Dopamine are released when you play games or use social media apps such as Facebook. This keeps you more involved in the game.

Similar things happen when you start watching web-series that interest you and don’t want you to miss the next one before you go to sleep.

You feel bored, sad and boring if you don’t have enough Dopamine. You waste so much time trying to get that excitement level.

2 Less Interaction

Students can quickly become addicted to devices like Xbox and PlayStation.

They live in their own world, with no desire to interact with family, friends or other people.

The brain is rewired to receive this high reward stimulus, which means you don’t get as much excitement when you interact with family members or friends.

You can easily become bored. This results in less social interaction and less skill development.

An study found that gadget addiction can lead to cognitive-behavioral problems, particularly in teens.

3 Health Issues

Technology has infused so much into our lives that electronic devices such as smartphones have become an integral part. This dependency can lead to serious health problems.

The National Eye Institute America estimates that 23% of American children use electronic screens for more than three hours per day. This has led to an increase in myopia (nearsightedness) over the past few years.

Other adverse effects of electronic devices on health include –

  • You may experience a lack of sleep because of the blue light on the screen, which blocks the release of the melatonin that makes you sleepy.
  • Obesity is caused by inactivity.
  • Most people develop cervical spondylitis from sitting and lying in certain positions, especially at the back.

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