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 Reasons Why Music Streaming Services Can Gain Artists:

1. It is where people listen:

This one is straightforward. Whether you think streaming solutions are great or not, it is where fans are listening to songs. You can’t combat this. Streaming services are growing exponentially in popularity and have become the key music intake source for audio consumers. It is important to comprehend and accept that streaming services are here to stay and accommodate. This gives artists the simplest access to receive their music to the fans and gives enthusiasts the very best access to music.

2. The Response to pirating music:

Look. Whether you want it or not, people who want to find music for free are likely to. Streaming services offer a remedy to pirating music that pays the artists. If people are pirating music, the artist gets paid 0.

3. Uncomplicated supply:

Since iTunes launched in 2002, the music business has changed radically. Important labels are no longer the gatekeepers of pushing and distribution out Top 40 music. Distribution used to be extremely pricey, but since artists rely on labels to generate bodily copies of their work, it’s become easier than ever to spread their music. This also suggests that it’s easier than ever for individuals to acquire music.

4. Getting people to pay for songs :

I’ve said it earlier. The money for music doesn’t come in the streaming solutions. It comes from the user. Without paying consumers, streaming solutions will not have the revenue to dish out on rights holders. Streaming services operate on artists’ benefit to convert customers back to paying customers for music. The only thing that’s changed is the model by which people pay. Folks are able to rent music now and artists are paid on a”pay as you go” plan rather than forcing people to purchase ownership of music. Remember, one single stream of a song to one person one time should provide an extremely different payment structure than someone buying a song to obey as many times as they want.

For the argument about artists being compensated fairly, it’s important to look at a couple of things:

  • There is ongoing litigation around the acceptable rate of compensation which needs to be paid towards every one of the kinds of royalties.
  • The current system may not be perfect, however, the number one thing to take into Account is:
  • How revenue is split between labels, publishers, musicians, songwriters, and other rights holders in the pie. Techdirt recently released an article which explains just how much of the earnings is distributed to every party.

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