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Red Light Therapy: All You Need To Know

Red light therapy is a great option for those who are interested. Take a look at this article to learn more about it and how it can benefit you. This non-invasive therapy can bring healing and hope to many people.

You are likely aware of the benefits associated with red light therapy. It is an easy and non-invasive way to manage many symptoms. This technology is not new and it is growing in popularity. There are more and more possibilities.

The ability to increase blood flow, activate our lymphatic system, and boost collagen production is all possible with red light. This non-invasive treatment is being used by many people to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, and manage skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used to treat sunspots, wrinkles, pimples, and other skin conditions such as eczema.

Red light therapy is a popular treatment for athletes and trainers. It can be used to speed up recovery, reduce injury, and increase athletic performance. There are many benefits to this non-surgical, drug-free tool that are being explored in a variety industries.

What’s Red Light Therapy?

There are some wavelengths that fall within the broad spectrum of sunlight (ultraviolet to near-infrared), which are referred to as healthy. The low levels of red radiation, which fall in the 600-700nm region, is a narrower and more specific spectrum. The infrared ranges are located at 700-1100nm just after. The harmful rays spectrum, also known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, is what we call the harmful rays spectrum. This range is not available in red light therapy so there is no risk to damage delicate or fragile skin.

Although near-infrared wavelengths cannot be seen, you will feel the warmth this range provides as heat on your body. This is why the term infrared is used in saunas, wraps, and other infrared (FIR), devices.

Although red light is very similar to infrared it can still be seen by our eyes. Red light therapy should only be used in areas where you can see the light. Popular recent variations are exploring pulsing light therapy and other variations.

Red light therapy can also be referred to by low-level laser therapy, low-power laser treatment (LPLT), and photobiomodulation. This terminology is used in large amounts of research in light therapy.

How did Red Light Therapy interest develop?

Although light therapy has been around for more than 350 years, it has been an integral part of our lives for centuries! Red light therapy can provide many of the same health benefits that the sun has for our bodies, but without the harmful ultraviolet wavelengths.

Issac Newton, a young scientist, was studying optics when he discovered that sunlight can be divided into different wavelengths. This led to the discovery that light itself is a spectrum composed of many wavelengths of light with slightly different behaviors. In 1672, Newton published his first paper about light and color.

When Dr. Niels Ryberg finsen began to experiment with living organisms, the first medical applications were born. His first light therapy device was designed to treat a form of tuberculosis known as Lupus vulgaris. Dr. Finsen used an electric light that was 15 times concentrated and covered a 2 cm area. The treatments were effective in clearing up the lesions that are associated with this condition. They lasted for 2 hours each day. He established a treatment center, and was later awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1903 to recognize his light therapy treatments.

What is Red Light Therapy? A major study was done in 2008.

Low-Intensity Laser Therapy: Examining the Role Of Redox Mechanisms Red light – which is the powerhouse of our cells – was first discovered by Dr. Johnston. Our immune system is influenced by our mitochondria, which are responsible for controlling our metabolism. More energy means that cells can repair and produce more new cells. The study revealed that red light can penetrate deeper than skin’s surface, which is a key to the many health benefits of red light therapy.

It has been proven that red light therapy can trigger a response in our cells, which supports skin renewal and is effective for skin surface conditions. This is photorejuvenation. It supports collagen production by decreasing the amount of MMP-1, an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

These treatments don’t require you to visit a doctor. Many home remedies are readily available and can often provide better results.

InfraGlow red light therapy lamp. Red light therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including recent injuries or chronic concerns.

Our full article, How Does Red Light therapy Work? , explains more about the potential benefits and applications.

For what medical conditions is red light therapy being used?

Research in many fields is expanding the number of conditions that have positive results. Anti-aging and skin surface applications. They can be used to manage pain from arthritis and other chronic conditions. It is being used by researchers to treat common symptoms in a variety medical conditions.

Red light therapy can be combined with other therapies to increase the effectiveness of results. To increase weight loss, you can use it in conjunction with your vibration plate. Many people also love to use it with their favorite foot massagers for better relaxation and tension relief. Many members are aware of the benefits of using multiple devices to achieve better results.

Red Light Therapy: Is it Effective?

Red light therapy’s effectiveness has been proven to be effective in many fields, including beauty and medical treatments. We suggests that you think about the areas that you wish to treat and then choose the right home device for you. You can view the various red-light therapy tools offers. Some of our members combine them to treat multiple areas simultaneously.

Red Light Therapy is Safe?

Although red light therapy is safe, advises that you consult your dermatologist or doctor before you try it if you have a medical condition or are taking medication that could make you more sensitive to the sun. Red Light Therapy should not be used over the eyes or for brain entrainment. If you have epilepsy, or another condition, it is important to consult your doctor before using the pulsing mode.

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