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Tips for dressing your baby


Dress your baby While supporting your baby on your back, pull the garment over your baby’s head. Keep the garment from getting caught on your baby’s face or neck with your fingers. Do not try to push your baby’s arm through the sleeves. Instead, place your hand on the outside of the sleeve, grab your baby’s hand and pull it through.

Take off your sleeves as you support your baby’s head and back. As you gently slip the shirt off, stretch the neckline and lift it up from your baby’s face.

Fashion Tips

For colder temperatures (under 75°F [23.88°C]): Your baby will require several layers of clothing to keep him or her warm. Your baby should be dressed in an undershirt, diapers, pajamas, or a dressing gown and wrapped in a blanket. A wearable blanket or sleep sack can be used as an additional layer.

When it is hot (above 75 degrees Fahrenheit [23.88 Celsius]): You may reduce the number of layers on your baby’s clothes to one. To be comfortable in the same environment, a good rule of thumb is to wear one layer more than what you’re wearing. For more information, see Baby Sunburn Prevention

Premature: Your baby may still need another layer of clothing until he or she reaches the same weight as a full-term infant and is more able to adapt to temperature changes.

It can be frustrating to change baby’s clothes the first time you do it. It can be difficult to reach the little arms through the sleeves. Your baby might shriek throughout the entire process. Babies don’t like the feeling of air on their skin or being pulled through clothes. You can make it easier for your baby by placing him/her on your lap while you change the upper body. Then, lay the lower half on a table or bed while you do the rest.

Dress your baby in one-piece pajamas. Pull the pajamas over her legs before you put on the sleeves. Put one arm through each of the sleeves and pull T-shirts up over your baby’s head. This is a great opportunity to ask, “Where’s my baby’s hand?” This will become a game as your baby grows older. Your baby may push his or her arm through to hear you saying, “There’s my baby’s hand!” 

You can make dressing easier with certain clothing features. Look out for garments with:

  1. Zip or snap all the way down from the front to the back.
  2. Zip or snap both legs down to make diaper changing easier
  3. Wear loose-fitting sleeves to allow your hand to fit underneath the baby’s arm.
  4. Avoid using ribbons, strings, or other materials that could be tied around your neck (which could lead to choking).
  5. Use stretchy fabric to avoid tight bindings around the neck, arms, legs and neck.


Your baby will spend the majority of his or her time in a blanket wrapped around him/her during the first few weeks. This will keep your baby warm and give them a sense security.

How to properly swaddle

  • To wrap in a blanket, fold one corner down.
  • Place your baby face up on the blanket with his or her head pointing out the corner.
  • Place your left arm straightening over your baby’s head. Wrap the left corner of your blanket around your baby’s body. Tuck the blanket between your right arm and your right arm.
  • Next, tuck your right arm down and fold the right side of the blanket under your baby’s left side.
  • You can fold or twist the blanket’s bottom and tie it under your baby.
  • Your baby should be able to move his hips and the blanket shouldn’t be too tight. The baby should be able to reach at least two to three fingers between his chest and the swaddle.

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