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How fast can an electric skateboard go?

  • Rider weight — an important factor which plays an Enormous role in Attaining high speeds is the rider weight. Regrettably the greater a rider weighs, the slower the board is going to be. Greater weight reduction is much more of weight onto the motors and that is why high speed will probably be limited if you push the planks maximum weight capacity for its limitations.
  • Motor power — of course, the stronger the motors are, The quicker the board is going to be. In fact, to touch on my prior point, should you weigh more, start looking for boards that have more powerful motors, those with over 1000W of power. Stronger motors can offset the weight problem so you can cruise along quickly even if you’re somewhat bulkier like me in my 225 pounds.
  • Terrain kind — riding on steep terrain will cost you rate. Most manufacturers test their boards on even terrain, so people become surprised when the plank underperforms when going uphill. Premium offset this problem too with, you have guessed it, stronger motors.
  • Board layout and quality — for a board to be competitive If it has to do with top speeds it’s significant that it’s built well. We’re talking proper power transmission from the engine to the wheels, using double motor setup, high-quality stuff on the wheels for optimum traction, etc..

There you’ve got, these are the main factors in determining how fast a certain board can go. Try to mix and match involving them to achieve the complete speed from your own board.


If You’re interested in the fastest electric skateboards That are available for sale, you should take a close look at the 10 versions given below. Each of these is very fast (electrical skateboards for adults) and will certainly give you a good dose of adrenaline time and time again!



  • MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 likely doesn’t look like any of those Electric skateboards that you have seen up until now. The reason for that lies in the simple fact that MT-SKT-1600 is built for off-road skateboarding.
  • With large detachable pneumatic rubber tires and powerful motors, it is possible to develop a great deal of torque. Double motor installation, 800W each, provides a complete of 1600W of electricity. We are nevertheless not thinking about motor power, but instead the rate they provide.
  • The best rate that MT-SKT-1600 is capable of moving varies Involving 18-22 mph. The lighter the rider is, the faster the board will go.
  • Deck measures an extremely big 46″ in length. It is made out of 12-ply walnut timber. This allows it to withstand weights of up to 260 pounds. I think that it’s also important to remember that plank itself weight astonishing 71 pounds.


  • Falcon speed electric skateboard second fast electrical Skateboard on the record is coming from Falcom. Falcon Board is really the name of the company behind this version. They’re not so common in the electric rideables sector, but that is probably because of the fact they have only combined in. Fortunately, their very first model is pretty fantastic because it comes with a bunch of trendy improvements topped off with decent specs and decent speed.
  • Falcon Board is equipped with an Oxygen Tech Motor. That is Basically a specially constructed brushless motor that is equipped to deliver a whopping 1200W of pure power. Its inherent acceleration lets it go as quickly 20 mph that’s incredible.


  • Genesis isn’t as Well-known producer of electrical Skateboards as some of the other titles mentioned on this list. However, after playing about with Hellfire for a while I had to add it to this listing.
  • With this model, you get top speeds of around 20 mph. Keep in Mind that 20 mph is the rate which you should be getting in ideal conditions. Like flat terrain, low to medium weight load onto the deck along with the fully charged battery.
  • In my experience by Hellfire, you should expect around 15 mph, which has been with my 225 lbs of fat loss. Lighter riders ought to be receiving top rates closer to the promoted 20 miles with no issues. Max suggested weight reduction of Hellfire is 265 lbs.
  • The battery could be pushed for up to 20 miles on a single charge, which isn’t all that bad considering that some top of the online electric skateboards isn’t able to send not even 10 miles on a single charge. It takes around 2.5 hours for the battery to move from 0 to full. The fantastic news is that the battery is easily replaceable. You can purchase an excess battery from Genesis to double the range. That is a fairly cool feature to add on a mid-century board like this. Thus far only pricier brands like Boosted Board of Inboard provided this operation.
  • The layout of this board is nothing special really, but it will Come in orange, green and black color accents. Using 36″ of span and 16 pounds of pounds, you will not have problems picking up the board and carrying it around whether it runs out of batteries on you. The only drawback of Hellfire would be that many of people are reporting problems with their boards, it won’t cost properly. It is not a wonderful thing to hear for a $599 board.


  • Benchweel quickly el skateboard next rapid electric skateboard is Benchwheel’s Dual 1800W electric skateboard (code name B2) that has the power and speed but is priced a bit greater than some of the faster versions on the market (such as Koowheel that’s priced $100 reduced and goes 7mph quicker ).
  • However, despite this, the B2 is still a viable option for People who don’t mind paying more for a bit sturdier design and built quality but with lower rates.
  • This little fella features dual brushless motors that allow For exceptionally high torque acceleration. It can go to cca 19mph with ease in just a couple of seconds. Such strong torque may strike you with surprise so it might be a great idea to wear some safety pads or push the acceleration on your handheld controller one degree at some time… at least till you get a grip on how powerful it truly is.


  • This 36-inch beast of an electric skateboard is Guaranteed to Provide you with sufficient speed to match all of your adrenaline needs. It looks amazing and features bright blue wheels and 7 ply Canadian Maple timber deck having an exceptional anti-skid tape for supreme traction while skating.
  • Besides all of the things mentioned above, the Specifications of this beast should not be taken for granted. The battery is Awesome in all aspects. Not only does it have the famous quick charge Technology (it is fully charged in cca 2 hours give or take), but it will also Last approximately 20 miles of range on a single charge that’s more than sufficient for All scenarios you could put it up against.

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