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5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Your Own Cell Phone:

Following is a statistic that may be tough to think: There are over 6.9 billion coupons for cell phones around the world, however just 4.5 billion individuals have access to operating toilets. Even though the estimated 3.5 billion people with bathrooms are at risk for health complications, so are the 6.9 billion using mobile phones.

That is because cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or electromagnetic radiation, that has the capability to damage the cells in the body. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies EMFs from mobile phones as possible carcinogens. EMFs can interfere with the body’s natural electric system and disrupt sleep, immune system function, hormone production, and the recovery process. Kevin Byrne, president of EMF Solutions, also points to the simultaneous growth in conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease and the substantial rise in EMF exposure.

1. Keep your space. Do not keep your mobile phone next to your body or on your bra. Some sporting wear organizations are currently making figurines with mobile phone pockets, as seen from the image above. Take care not to put your cell phone in the pocket unless your telephone is on airplane mode. There is evidence provided by the Environmental Health Trust to suggest that girls who maintain a mobile phone in their bra can develop breast feeding. Research also suggests that men who keep their cell phones on their belt or near their reproductive organs might have reduced sperm counts and not as much sperm motility.

2. Talk on speaker. Holding a mobile phone to your ear additionally unlocks your adrenal glands into EMFs. The parotid gland is also located closest to your own toenails.

3. Turn your phone off more often. No radiation is emitted when the device is off.

4. Consider alternatives. When possible, utilize a landline or Skype, which provides a means to stay in contact without a cell phone!

5. Use an EMF shielding device. A number of holsters and other cell phone holders and shields are available which promise to block radiation. If you buy this type of product, search to determine whether it’s a SAR (specific absorption rate) worth. You want a shielding device that blocks the majority of EMFs.

Vest Tech Coupons 2019

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