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7 Super Creative And Cheap Ways To Store Your Luggage, Suitcases, And Carry-On

Ah, travel luggage. It’s large, confusing, awkwardly-shaped, and also not nearly appealing enough to be camouflaged as a petite side table, in spite of exactly what Pinterest could have us think. Unless you have a classic suitcase, in which case you can entirely utilize it as a side table or night table.

Whether you’re a regular jet-setter or a “yearly browse through to home” kind of individual, you possibly contend the very least one traveling bag that declares the valuable area in your house or apartment. Exactly how do you handle to locate a hassle-free, covert place for your beloved carry-on or the massive four-wheeled bag you made use of when you relocated to France?

You have to get creative, clever, as well as organized. And also given that there’s something oddly satisfying concerning coming home after a trip, unloading your travel suitcase, as well as placing it securely unseen, we’ve compiled a listing of 10 pointers and methods for storing all your travel luggage, despite the kind.

First, follow these three baggage cleaning and also maintenance pointers:

3 Smart Luggage Cleaning as well as Maintenance Tips
1) Inspect and also clean your baggage.

Before you store your travel suitcase wherever it will fit, provide it a fast inspection for dust areas, tears, or damp patches. Rolling via flight terminals, baggage case facilities, cars and truck trunks, vehicle tires, as well as other headaches will certainly leave your suitcases looking used with time.

To maintain them in great shape, look for any kind of damp locations on your bag that could lead to mold and mildew or mildew. After you unbox, throw out any kind of little bits of trash you find, turn out the pockets, and also offer your bag a shake to obtain eliminate any type of dust and also sand remnants.

If you’re feeling ambitious, offer your bag a mild tidy utilizing this approach from Eagle Creek. Below’s the gist: Clean your traveling bag by hand utilizing a wet cloth for the inside, and warm water and also a sponge for the exterior.

2) Check your bag’s configuration prior to you put it away.

Lauren Williams, a professional organizer and also owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, advises taking one last glance at your bag prior to you keep it to earn sure it’s as slim as well as small as possible. This indicates ensuring all the internal pockets are well folded which any type of expanding areas on your bag are zoomed up.

” It’s foolish, however [making sure] the collection of zippers that adds an extra inch is shut could often make a difference,” says Williams.

Same chooses manages, fastenings, and also detachable straps.

3) Protect your travel luggage from damages by choosing the right location.

Double-check that your luggage is going in a trendy, completely dry place. Any kind of areas subject to extreme moisture could trigger wetness buildup and also mold, which will either totally destroy the integrity of your bag or transform its streamlined, elegant exterior unsightly.

Avoid any areas that obtain direct sunlight, as the excessive sun on your bag can fade its product over time. While you’re at it, ensure your bag remains in an insect- and also a pest-free zone, which you’re keeping it much from sharp objects that might potentially drop and scratch or rip it.

If you wish to go above and beyond to ensure your bag’s longevity, Williams advises spending in a travel luggage cover to keep your bag without dirt, mold, and dust. has a varied option of travel luggage covers– from clear plastic and nylon to neon shades and also polka dot patterns.

Since your baggage is clean and protected, right here are 7 innovative as well as low-cost means to save it:

7 Creative Ways to Store Your Luggage, Suitcases, and Carry-on Bags
1. Shop travel luggage under your bed.

You’ve heard it previously, yet the area under your bed is among the simplest, most convenient areas to store your luggage. If your bed is high enough, you’ll probably have a foot or 2 of dead area best for sliding in your carry-on or satchel.

Donna Smallin Kuper, organizing expert and author of Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness, recommends placing your luggage inside a big trash can to keep it clean and also dust-free while it stays under your bed.

Only have around six inches of room below your bed as well as determined to discover an area to store your travel luggage?

Williams advises making use of bed risers. You can buy a set of sturdy, affordable risers at your local Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or Home Depot. They go beneath the feet of your bed frame to raise it up and also offer you a remarkable two added feet of prime storage space.

2. Store your carry-on inside a traveling bag.

It could appear apparent, but utilizing your biggest traveling bags to house your other suitcases could make a globe of difference in the amount of area your bags occupy.

Your carry-on bag can quickly fit inside your most significant travel suitcase. You could even have a couple of medium-sized bags that can hold your carry-on as well as tuck completely inside your largest bag like a collection of Russian nesting dolls.

Do not stop there. Gather all your duffel bags, beach bags, or weekend break totes and fold up those gently inside your smallest carry-on to maximize room.

The only problem with this luggage storage suggestion is that it could be a laborious process to obtain whichever bag goes to the facility of the pile, specifically when you need it quickly. That’s why this method works best for individuals who do not travel regularly, and also for that reason shouldn’t access their bags often. Either that or people who just enjoyed playing with Russian nesting dolls as a youngster.

3. Utilize your luggage to keep other things.

If you have to find a location to store your baggage anyhow, you could also optimize your storage potential by loading your suitcase with all those random products you’ve been implying to place away, such as your stylish hats:

The shorts, sandals, and showering matches you won’t see once again until next summer? Pack them up in your bag.

The chemistry textbooks from college you’re conserving just in situation you decide to apply for grad college? Stack them in your carry-on.

Does holiday present you need to hide? Put them in your duffel bag.

Other things you can save inside your baggage include, yet absolutely are not restricted to, boxes of old letters as well as images, device sets, publications, bathroom tissue, as well as toys. The possibilities are limitless.

4. Shop your luggage on a high shelf in your storage room or garage.

Kuper suggests utilizing the dead space on top of your garage or closet by mounting a tough rack there. Simply ensure the shelf is large enough to fit your bag when it exists laterally, or else you run the risk of the shelf splitting or flexing from way too much weight.

Kuper advises “using three tough stress poles, all put at the same elevation.”

If you have numerous bags and only adequate area to store one, double-check that your shelf brackets are safe and secure and try the Russian nesting doll technique to fit them all up there.

5. Transform your bag right into a shoe shelf.

If you have a respectable amount of flooring room in your storage room, you can keep your travel suitcases there. The trick is to lay your travel suitcase in the exact setting you would if you put it on a travel luggage shelf in a resort area: level and also open, with the open side dealing with towards you.

With this technique, you can store your footwear in cool rows in the open luggage. Just see to it to lay a towel or fabric at the bottom of your traveling bag to secure it from dust and also grime.

If you currently have a shoe organizer or shelf, you can make use of the suitcase to save lots of other items like shoeboxes packed with folded up hats and handwear covers, rolled up scarves, belts, vacation decors, or handbags.

If the cover of your suitcase has a zippered storage space pouch, make use of that, also.

6. Hang your baggage from sturdy hooks or fixes.

Similar to the shell method, this option works best if you have a wardrobe, garage, or energy cupboard with readily available room higher. If you do, you can set up a durable peg or hook to hang your bag from, given that it has a manage on top.

Since all the weight of the traveling bag will be concentrated on one factor, however, be certain to keep your bags as light as possible if you go this path. Don’t aim to pile your suitcases or load them with your out-of-season layers– simply maintain them vacant.

7. Allow MakeSpace to choose up, store, and also provide your luggage.

If your house doesn’t have the space to fit all your luggage, or if you recognize you will not be traveling once again up until your journey to Thailand in 8 months, timetable a MakeSpace pick-up.

We’ll select up your travel luggage (in addition to any kind of other things you might wish to shop) as well as transportation it to our protected, temperature-controlled storage facility.

The most effective component: We’ll additionally develop an on the internet picture magazine of your things. So the min you determine to reserve a journey to Australia, your travel luggage will only be a couple of clicks far from arriving at your front door.

Ah, baggage. Unless you have a classic traveling bag, in which situation you could absolutely use it as a side table or nightstand.

If you’re feeling ambitious, give your bag a mild tidy utilizing this technique from Eagle Creek. Here’s the idea: Clean your luggage by hand using a moist cloth for the inside, and cozy water as well as a sponge for the outside. The only concern with this travel luggage storage space suggestion is that it could be a laborious process to fetch whichever bag is at the center of the pile, especially when you require it quickly.

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