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How to select the right SHOES to wear for the occasion?

What shoes should you wear is likely to be the most frequently frequent question. There are many reasons to consider when choosing the best shoes for your style can be a bit difficult.

Perhaps you suffer from painful feet or have problems with them I had that for many years, and later had my bunions removed!

Maybe comfort is one of the primary considerations for you, and you don’t want to wear any footwear that feels like the slipper you’ve been wearing. Fair game.

If you don’t move from home to car, from car to office and back home then you’ll probably require shoes that are sturdy and functional.

Your lifestyle and work environment will determine the type of footwear you are appropriate to wear. If you’re well-dressed for work, or enjoy a night out schmoozing, or being schmoozed around in fancy settings You’ll likely have to put on fancy-pants shoes. I have definitely got a few of’sitting-down shoes’ in my closet!

Based on where you reside, (I’m in the UK where the weather isn’t unpredictable) There are choices for hot summer days or cold, rainy days even during the peak of summer.

In addition to the points I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs, did you know that there are different reasons that certain colours or shapes of footwear may or might not be appropriate for your style? Check out my article and I’ve got everything to cover for you…

If you color is off, you may accidentally cause yourself to appear taller and shorter.

If you don’t know the correct shape, you’ll make your feet appear like boats.

If you have slim waists and curvy hips, you could have a thicker ankle. Certain footwear can highlight your ankles.

It’s no wonder that wearing a pair of shoes isn’t easy!

Here you go. Here are some simple steps to help you select shoes that match your outfit.

Note: If you own a pair of shoes that make you feel comfortable and doesn’t go against these guidelines, don’t wear the shoes. The sole goal here is to make you feel great.

This isn’t THE LAW!


1. If more areas of your foot you see, the more elongated your legs appear. A low-fronted shoe that is worn with a skirt shorts, dress or cropped trouser will lengthen your legs.

2. An ankle strap draws attention at your ankle, increase the area while also helping toshorten your legs. Some women find this okay however for many women this is the reason why they aren’t happy without a leg. An ideal option is an ankle strap that’s the same colour as the skin. This will make the strap more subtle.

3. No matter the form the ankle is, should desire to appear taller and/or slimmer, choose a pair of shoes that’s the same in color as the ones you’re wearing to your legs (which could be your skin!) This doesn’t mean the same shade however, it’s as dark as or as light as your legs. Imagine your feet and your legs in the black and white image. Are there stark differences between the tones that your legs have and feet? One tone will lengthen.

4. The heel of your shoe must match your personal. If you’re not familiar with scales, skip to the close of the article where I’ve provided an image of a useful freebie. A cute kitten heel on a bulky leg or calf will make your legs appear bigger and heavier. Consider a block heel to get a height that isn’t compromising.

If you’re conscious of your legs being thin Beware of a ‘large size’ shoe with heavy straps and a large heel can make your legs appear much more slimmer.

Shoes To Make Your Life Easier!

1. A trainer. There’s not much you cannot do with sneakers except for if you’re wearing a smart dress code for work. White leather is the most stylish alternative, but you should refer to the 3rd point above to determine whether white is an appropriate choice for the clothes you typically wear.

2. A shoe that is not a naked one,, or one which is in line with the color of your skin shade is a great idea to consider a sensible alternative. It can be a wedge sandal or a court shoe, and a flat ballet. If you feel that a naked shoe is too feminine for you,, then a metallic style (again in a color that matches the tone of your face) can be a good alternative.

3. An open-toe sandalfor the inevitable rainy summer days. For more formal occasions, you’re not an alternative. Your personal style will determine the kind of wet weather shoe that is most suitable for you, but here are some suggestions:

  • A Brogue
  • A Loafer
  • A Ballet pump
  • A leather (or vegan leather) trainer
  • An Ankle boot
  • A court shoe

4. A summer sandal. Consider whether a flat shoe with a smaller wedge, or a high-heel would best suit your needs and then give yourself some choices. I have clients who see 4 inches as flat. I am awestruck by the fact that we’re all very different!

Mules are all the rage From flats to block heels to high heels , and are a truly versatile shoe. They look great with skirts, trousers or shorts, as well as dresses and skirts.

It is possible to prefer a strapless sandal. There are many lovely, delicate designs, with square toes being a popular choice (square toes are ideal for slimmer figure types*). However, make sure you check your own scale to decide whether the delicate straps suit you or will make your appearance larger. If you’re not familiar with the scale you have, discover more about it by watching through my free video series (I’ve provided an image below to help).

There are plenty of excellent alternatives to delicate sandals if your feet are big. I like the more robust straps that provide an imposing, stronger appearance.

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