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Different types of E liquids and What to Consider When Choosing One

What are E-Liquids?

E-liquid is also called ‘vape liquid also referred to as ‘vape juice’ is the liquid that is used in vape kits and electronic cigarettes to make flavored vapour.

E-liquids are made of three main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavorings. The majority of e-liquids contain nicotine, but there are a variety of flavors of vape juice that come with nicotine-free options.

There are many kinds of e-liquid however, they can be classified into one of a few major categories. If you’re new to the world of vaping it’s important to be aware of these to help you choose the right one that will work with the vape kit, or e-cigarette. Learn more about these below.

Types Of E-Liquid

All liquids containing e-liquids have an amount of two key ingredients. They are VG (vegetable Glycerin) along with the PG (propylene glycol). The latter is a more dense substance and PG is lighter. Different proportions of these ingredients influence the viscosity the liquid used for vaping and consequently what kind of device it will work best with. They also impact on the vapour and the ‘throat hit the e-liquid produces:

  • E-liquids that have an tendency to be VG tend to create larger vapour clouds, but with no throat impact.
  • E liquids with an tendency to be PG give a numbing sensation into the back of your throat that is usually favored by people who are trying to stop smoking. These liquids are known to produce an edgier amount of vapour.

E Liquid PG & VG Ratios

A majority of E-liquid bottles show the ratio of VG and PG components they are made up of. It is possible to use this information to determine what kind of vape experience that you experience and what devices they are appropriate for.

  • Vape Liquids with over 50 percent of VG

    They are appropriate for coils and kits that have less than 1 Ohm resistance. These coils are generally used to vape kits specifically made for sub-ohm’ or DTL vaping.

  • Vape Liquids that contain more than 50 percent the PG

    They can be used with kits and coils with greater than 1 Ohm resistance. The coils are typically supplied with e-cigarettes specifically designed to be used for traditional or MTL vaping.

  • Vape Liquids having balanced 50% 50% VG/PG Ratio

    50/50 vape liquid is suitable for most kits tanks, coils and kits. If the resistance of your coil is less than 0.4 Ohm, we’d suggest choosing more VG e-liquid.

Learn more information about PG and the VG in our E liquid Ingredients guide.

How do I Determine What E Liquid Is the Best for My Device

The fastest and most straightforward method is to check the coils on your device. The coils that can be replaced will always include the ohm rating on the outside of them. Examine the casing made of metal and search for the ohm rating. Then refer to the above guidelines to determine whether you need to use a more PG or a higher Vg e liquid.

As mentioned above, as long that the ohm rating doesn’t get excessively low, the best choice is to choose the 50% balance of e liquid.

How do I choose the best Nicotine Strength for Me?

In general you should consider a liquid that contains 3 mg of nicotine, when you smoke just 2 or 3 cigarettes per day, or 6mg if consume less than 10 cigarettes per day and would like a some throat tingle 12 mg is recommended for smokers who smoke between 20 cigarettes a day, and 18 mg if you’re an avid smoker.

E-liquids are also that do not contain nicotine. If you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes, you might want to begin with an e liquid that can help you curb your cravings for the first couple of months or weeks after quitting smoking.

More information to help you select the best nicotine strength in this informational guide.

The Reasons 50/50 E-Liquids are an excellent choice

50/50 e-liquids are the most optimal of both worlds with a balance of VG and PG.

In recent times the ratio is becoming more popular due to its flexibility. The 50 percent PG/50% VG mix allows these e-liquids to be suitable to be used within the bulk of kit vapes as well as pod vapes. They offer the perfect balance of flavor and production of vapour.

How to Select the E Liquid Flavor you want to use

If you’re brand new to vaping, we’d prefer an existing flavor to make the transition as effortless as you can. There is a variety of Tobacco and Menthol flavors which are ideal for those who smoke who are transitioning to vaping.

If you’re looking at having something different, there’s an array of flavors that are available. Try fruity, fresh flavors or more complex flavors that are that are designed to mimic sweets, drinks, and even desserts.

If you’re having difficulty selecting an e-liquid have a look at our amazing bargain blend e-liquids that you can mix and choose from our multibuy deals. They are a great deal and let you pick and mix our huge variety of 50/50 flavours starting at PS2.17 for a bottle.

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