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What’s Steeping E-Liquid:

What’s steeping?

We hear a lot of talk in the DIY e-liquid blending community about steeping, but what can it be? In the first days of vaping when e-liquid manufacturers in the United States first began promoting e-juice, the vaping community began speaking about steeping their purchased e-liquids. We do not know which forum or which vaper coined using the term steeping, but it is stuck no matter how incorrect the term actually is for the activity of what is going on in our combined e-liquid. When we think about the term steep or steeping we think of teabags sitting at a hot cup of water gradually discharging the flavor and flavor of the tea it contains into the water. This is not what is occurring to an e-liquid.

The process that e-liquid goes through as it is”steeping” is really considered chemical responses. The different flavoring molecules have been already getting a chemical reaction simply by being blended to a flavoring concentrate. Mixing multiple concentrates collectively and PG/VG at a mix creates another chemical response. As the chemicals react and interact with each other the juice it goes through the process that everyone has been calling”steeping.” More debate on chemical reactions at the conclusion of the article.

Most mixers think that time would be that the major factor from the chemical reaction process of e-liquid mixing. However, time is not the only factor for producing a smooth delicious e-liquid, in reality, it is not even essential for a juice to be straightened. Homogenizing the liquids together is more important than just waiting a month to the slow process of chemical reactions to happen. Since simply shaking the PG predicated flavors and any excess PG you might have added into the more dense VG isn’t the most effective process to achieve homogeneity. With ineffective homogeny, time for the two different density liquids and all the taste molecules to interact and trigger chemical reactions is the sole way to work with just hand shaking your recipes. If you wanted to accelerate the process, you need to use other equipment and tools to thoroughly combine the fluids and flavors together. In some cases, the tools themselves will improve and cause different chemical reactions beyond precisely what time steeping will do.

Simple Heat Methods:

I’ve used several different totally free ways of heating up my only mixed liquid in order to shake it more effectively.

Cockpot: with hot tap water on low for 20 minutes to 24 hours — Warm bottles caps, unless certain tastes need Breathing.

Bowl of Rice: warmth bowl of uncooked rice in microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute until rice is still hot. Put e-liquid jar in rice.

Hot tap water tub: much like the crockpot, but minus the crockpot. Water will chill off in about 10 minutes if you’d like longer than that to warm, you’ll need to change the water regularly.

Warm tumble dryer inside of a cushion: Yes I’ve tried this. It equally shakes and warms the liquid. It was amazingly effective. I wouldn’t only toss e-liquid bottles with clothes or other items, but inside of the tiny puffy pillow appeared to work quite well.

You can use any process to heat your mix and use one of the additional shaking approaches to more thoroughly mix your liquid together. Free is always a good thing. And while these approaches work nicely, I have more lab equipment I can not say as I would use at least one of these approaches again. However, for the budget conscious or simply getting started mixer, having a free and usually readily available process to warm and mix your liquid can be great.

How much time is going to be shaved from steeping? Well, that depends on your recipe and flavorings. For a recipe which may take a month to completely develop, you may find that your liquid is prepared a few days to even a week earlier.


Purchasing a magnetic stirrer is not necessary, as there are designs and plans outlining how to build your own out of old computer parts online. I have built one myself, however, the fan and the magnets weren’t powerful enough because of my typically greater VG mixes to even move the magnetic stir bar in 30mls of liquid. You will need to make sure that you use a fan that has sufficient torque for it to find the magnets spinning and magnets which are strong enough to move your stir pub efficiently.

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