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Best Types of E-Cig Atomizers and Vape Tanks:

Atomizer Basics:

Even though we covered this in a little more detail in our”What are e-cigarettes and how exactly can they operate?” An article, e-cig atomizers are the essential component of an e-cigarette. They’re basically composed of a heating coil, a wick and a reservoir to your e-liquid. After the reservoir — the”tank” — is full of e-liquid, it soaks to the back, which communicates it through the center of your coil (or around the outside of it depending on layout ). The coil becomes hot once you press on the”fire” button on your e-cig, which turns the e-liquid to vapor.

Regardless of how complex an atomizer you decide up, in their core, this is what they do. There may be differences in how they maintain e-liquid (or if they do at all), how you install a new coil and many different details, however, the basic formula is the same.


The most basic sort of e-cig atomizer is the cartomizer. These were a big deal back in the early days of this industry because they combined the liquid reservoir using the coil, turning the formerly three-piece e-cigarettes into far more user-friendly two-piece varieties. This is the type of atomizer you still find on cigalike devices today.

Cartomizers look like cigarette butts: they’re cylindrical and twist into the battery portion of your e-cig (but just cigalikes), using a pit for inhalation in the tip. On the inside, they have a heating coil surrounded by a conductive substance. There is a whole lot of wick material indoors to allow the small containers to hold just as much liquid as you can without leaking, however, they only hold approximately 1 tsp of e-juice, and while it’s potential to re-fill them, they’re made to be disposed of after the juice is consumed.

If you want to refill one, then you must prize the tip off — this can usually be done with a trap or trap — and then soak the wadding surrounding the wick in e-liquid. When you’ve stuffed, leave it in for 20 minutes or so and you’ll be ready to vape.


Clearomizers are simply a step up from cartomizers and have been initially designed as an obvious cartomizer, thus the title — but in terms of functionality, the difference is remarkable.

A clearomizer is made up of the central tube which attaches to a wick-and-coil-containing atomizer head, using a little tank for the e-liquid surrounding it. This can be a transparent tank so that you can observe how much e-juice you’ve left, and they twist apart from the top or bottom, allowing you to easily refill with all those e-juice you desire.

While cartomizers encircle the coil with a conductive material, clearomizers usually have exactly the wicks threaded through the middle of the coil and protruding into the tank part. This permits them to soak up liquid in the tank, and it can be drawn directly into the middle of the coil to be vaporized. The atomizer heads can also be replaceable, so whenever your coil is past its prime, you are able to substitute it with a new one and continue using the same device. The replacement atomizer heads are still a running cost, but they save a lot compared to cartomizer-based vaping.

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