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3 Advantages of Using a Stick Blender:

If you’re not hip to the latest trends in kitchen gadgets, then You might still think the big, bulky blenders of the 80s and 90s are still a thing. In actuality, they do still exist, however, they’re far less popular than the newest iteration of them, known as the pole blender or the immersion blender. Regular’ole blenders have a location at the kitchen, for instance, if you would like to whip up a smoothie or create yourself a blended drink efficiently. But the advantages of a regular blender versus the newer and much more compact stand blender pretty much end there.

A stick blender or immersion blender, is a small stick-like (shocking, right?) Gadget that is used just like a spoon to assist blend ingredients into a pot or bowl — thus the title”immersion blender” because you are immersing the blender to the food mixture. A stick blender has a lot of benefits — particularly given that dwelling spaces in general (and by default kitchen) are becoming smaller in recent times, so space is a constant consideration for most people.

Here are three reasons why people think the stick blender is a Much superior option over the conventional blender for home kitchens.

1. They’re horribly Versatile.

Whether you’re pureeing a soup to the stove top or just want To whip up a quick salad dressing in a bowl, even a stick blender can take care of it. They’re excellent at eliminating food chunks, and because you can readily transfer the blender round a bowl, you do not overlook any segments. Compare it to a standalone blender or mixer, and you’re sort of in the will of the device provided that they are not easily accessible. Plus, these handy little devices reduce the number of steps which you have to choose for a good deal of recipes. For instance, taking the soup off the cooker top to puree it in another blender, just to place it back to the stove five minutes afterward is kind of a buzz kill.

2. It is Small and Portable:

Like we mentioned previously, in many homes today space comes At a premium — which includes space from the kitchen. Immersion blenders are small and easy to shop, and they do not occupy large swaths of coveted counter space if you need to use them. It also needs to be noted that cleaning is really a cinch. A lot of them come with machine washable components, therefore throwing part of it from the dishwasher is no problem. And as a result of its size and the fact that it’s lightweight, washing it in the sink is almost just as simple. Taking apart and washing a mixer or blender? Not so simple.

3. It’s Really, Really Reasonably Priced:

In a world of expensive KitchenAid mixers (not that people do not Love ours), it’s very refreshing to discover a useful gadget that runs anywhere Traditional blenders are similar in price, but standalone And saving on Kitchen gadgets means you have more cash to spend on components — and That is always a fantastic thing.

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