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An allergy is the response of the body to certain substances, which are not harmful but, initiates severe reactions from the body. The eyes are very fragile; this makes them very susceptible to allergies and infections. There are many different types of allergies and infections which can cause discomfort and pain in the eyes but, the most common one is conjunctivitis. This infection is also known as the ‘pink eye’ and it affects adults, children and animals too. Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious infection which can spread very easily. In most cases, if one member of the family gets the infection, it is sure to affect the other members of the family too.

The infection usually develops in one eye however, due to its highly contagious nature; the other eye also gets infected with it in a day or two. Thus, it is advisable to use the eye drops which are prescribed for its treatment in both eyes, even if the other eye is not infected. This infection is also called the ‘pink eye’ because; the eye becomes pinkish when it is infected. The part of the eye which gets infected is the conjunctiva; hence, the infection is called conjunctivitis. Many of you may not know which part of the eye is the conjunctiva; it is a thin, clear film or tissue which covers the white part of the eye.

Some of the factors which cause this infection to develop are allergies, infections by bacteria, dry eyes which are caused by lack of tears, pool chlorine, shampoo, smoke, fumes, chemicals and contact with an infected person. This infection is not a serious one however, if proper care and treatment is not received, this infection can become a serious issue. It is advisable to treat the infection in the initial stages rather than to wait for it to spread to the other eye. Like I had mentioned it earlier, that conjunctivitis can also develop in children, in newborns too. When this infection is detected among newborns, it is a serious issue and should be treated immediately.

The initial symptoms of this infection often go unnoticed. Some of the signs which can tell a person if he or she is infected with this infection are a sudden white discharge from the tear ducts, blurry vision, redness of the white part of the eye, burning sensation and itchiness. If you have been experiencing any of these signs it is advisable to have it checked out. Besides, home remedies, the use of prescription medication are also used to cure conjunctivitis. Eye drops like Alaway is popularly used to treat the infection. Alaway helps to get rid of the symptoms of the infection hence, giving a person relief and comfort. The high cost of prescription medication makes it difficult for people to afford it. However, you can use an Alaway discount card to get high discounts on the medication. These discount coupons provide a person with a 96% discount each time he or she buys the medication.

You can get your Alaway coupon online; all you have to do is print the coupon from the company website. There are more than 70,000 participating pharmacies all over the nation which accept Alaway coupon discounts.
With an Alaway discount card a person can get huge discounts each time he or she purchases the prescription medication. These discount pharmacy cards can be used in more than 70,000 participating pharmacies all over the nation.

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