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7 Ingredients to the Very Best Bath Ever:


If you’re used to having a bowl of the whole-grain Powerhouse for breakfast, you are well aware of its benefits. But not only will it be great to eat, but it is also amazing to wash in–especially during winter. the “Oatmeal helps provide soothing relief to dry skin, rashes, sunburn, and other ordinary skin irritation as a result of its healthful fat content,” states Schlessinger. “Oats also include natural cleansers that help keep pores free of impurities and proteins that help skin maintain its moisture barrier.”


This gooey substance has been used for more than 10,000 Decades as a topical therapeutic agent all across the world. “It’s an antibacterial substance that can help prevent disease and heal minor skin abrasions,” says Schlessinger. “It’s also packed with polyphenols–natural antioxidants which help enhance the immune system and defend against signs of aging” Okay, we’re listening.


Only a sniff of this heavenly flowering plant and you also feel much more relaxed and refreshed. “Lavender is probably the very first thing you consider when you imagine a relaxing tub, and that’s all due to its capacity to calm, soothe, and also relieve stress,” says Schlessinger. “In early times, it was used to treat eczema, psoriasis, itching, and irritation, because it works to soothe and purify the skin.”


For centuries, these herbal aromas have been used for both decorative functions and as a way to boost your mood. “The stress-soothing benefits are unlimited and change based upon that which oil you use,” says Schlekewey. “Rosemary increases circulation and increases spirits, peppermint has anti-inflammatory benefits and can alleviate PMS symptoms, eucalyptus relieves joint and muscle pain and can be calming for a cold, ylang-ylang fights depression, and any citrus offers antioxidant properties”


You’ve heard it before: Coconut oil remedies just about Anything, and there could be some reality to it–at least when it comes to your bathroom. “Not only does it promote supple, soft skin, but it also provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal benefits,” says Schlessinger. “That is because it includes saturated fats which keep skin moisturized and smooth.” Additionally, it is a natural source of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant commonly found in anti-aging skincare. “Its proteins repair and keep skin looking firm, healthy, youthful,” clarifies Schlessinger.


This bath-time component Isn’t actually salt at all–it’s A naturally occurring mineral substance composed of magnesium and sulfate. “When dissolved in warm water and absorbed into the skin, Epsom helps to replenish magnesium levels within the human body, which often get depleted when we are feeling stressed,” states Schlessinger. Shoveling in certain Epsom to your tub at the end of the day may also ease pain and redness and also help alleviate sore muscles.


You already cook together and ingest it in the form of cake Or bread and now you know that it is possible to also add it into your bath. “Also called Sodium bicarbonate, this family thing is found in most bath products because It’s a natural exfoliator which can help keep areas like elbows, knees, and heels Soft, smooth, and totally free of buildup,” says Schlessinger. Cue the long-overdue foot soak!

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