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Perfume is important

You may be asking yourself what I know about perfume and why it is so important. My first job as an adult was not in finance, writing or content creation. It was actually a salesgirl for a Malta-based perfumery chain. I discovered a lot about the industry and what makes each brand unique, and I fell in love with beauty and skincare.

I found the right brands over time, but I never stopped searching for more. My favorite items are constantly changing. My new role as content creator has many great benefits. I get to discover brands and products I have never seen before. Recently, I was introduced to a number of luxury niche perfume houses. I wanted to share them with you. As I sit here, on a flight from New York City to London, I am struck by the importance of perfume and how it can play a significant role in my everyday life.

Why perfume is important

To me, fragrance is like any other accessory to an ensemble – just as a scarf, necklace, or pair of earrings. The best way to share your deepest thoughts and personality is through fragrance. There are so many ways to get inspiration about fashion trends and wardrobe tips. But what about how can you find a fragrance that will leave a lasting impression on all who interact with you?

This is my opinion, but I believe that no accessory can make such an impact. Let me now tell you why perfume is so important. I have summarized the five main functions of perfume into five points. Let’s forget about the fact that perfume is essential for keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day. It’s something we all know, but that’s not why we wear it.

The Aromatherapy Factor Perfumes consist essentially of a combination of essential oils and complementary ingredients. They can be either citrus, floral, or woody, among many other notes. Different essential oils can have different therapeutic effects. They can calm the mind and relax your body. For me, essential oils are a great way to relax and calm the mind before falling asleep. Eucalyptus is a wonderful stress reliever that helps me sleep.

Confidence: I remember when I was working in corporate America, carrying a perfume bottle with me and spraying it before every meeting. This was something I picked up from my time at a perfumery. We were encouraged to keep our perfumes topped up throughout the day so that we could practice what we preach. This was a great confidence booster and helped me feel like a part of the team. It was said that only 10% of the impressions that you make on someone are based on the words that come out of your mouth. The rest is all about how you look and the body language. A scent that makes an impression is essential, so besides a well-fitted suit, neat nails, and well-groomed hair, I also recommend a smart suit.

Attractiveness: This is the conclusion of my previous point. For me, confidence is more appealing than physical appearances. It is actually the confidence of a man and a woman that I remember most. She could be wearing no makeup at all. This is why it makes sense that perfumes can boost your confidence and increase your attractiveness. It is important to remember that perfumes contain a lot of pheromones, which can have an effect on people you meet.

Making a lasting impression: Which brings me to the next point. You will make a lasting impression if you feel confident and attractive. We are all born with five senses: smell, sight, taste and touch. While sight and scent will be the first impression people have of you, it is likely that smells last a long time. This is why a trailing fragrance is so crucial. I’ll return to this topic with a little story later in this article.

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