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Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray


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The 4 Best things you should know about hand sanitizers:

Percentage of common ailments, for example, H1N1 flu virus, can be spread via contaminated hands. That is the reason why the PHAC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are stressing good hand hygiene as a significant first-line shield against the spread of swine influenza.

While proper handwashing procedure is a Very Important part of Keeping yourself healthy, good old soap and warm water are not always around if you need them (say, when you get an unexpected hug from your runny-nosed preschooler on the park ). That is where alcohol-based sanitizers come to the rescue. The PHAC urges hand sanitizers that contain between 60 and 80 percent alcohol as’a good’ method to clean your hands when you’re not near a faucet. Here’s what you need to know about them.

1. Hand sanitizers are effective:

If your hands aren’t really filthy, the best way to clean them would be to use hand sanitizer, says James Scott, a microbiologist at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.’ [A sanitizer] cleans your hands far better than water and soap, therefore that it decreases the bacterial burden to a much greater range than soap and water,’ he says. ‘Along with your palms tend to remain cleaner more if you should use water and soap ‘

Not convinced that a jar of the gel can really get your toenails squeaky clean? Scott was also doubtful. ‘For quite a while, I had been a skeptic about these, but as signs began to emerge the efficacy of those alcohol-based hand sanitizers, I’m sold on them,’ he says. Simply take the 1991 study cited by the WHO within their guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare which discovered alcohol-based hand sanitizer was significantly more effective than plain water and soap in preventing the transmission of bacteria from the hands of researchers to patients’ catheters.

2. Hand sanitizers don’t cause super-bacteria:

The Concept that regular utilization of firsthand sanitizers Will make bacteria resistant to cure is false, Scott worries. ‘The [way sanitizers work] relies on cell-membrane disturbance by the alcohol, and that’s not something which bacterium can acquire resistance to.

3. Hand sanitizers are somewhat easier on the skin than soap and water:

‘Many of the contemporary hand sanitizers have emollients Inside Them That can really boost skin condition,’ says Scott. While that might appear counterintuitive because effective sanitizers contain as much alcohol, several studies have shown these formulas are in fact much better for skin than soap. For example, a 2004 study compared the efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap for both physicians who worked in neonatal intensive care units in New York. The analysis found that while physicians were using the exact hand sanitizer, their own skin condition has been substantially better than if they used that the antibacterial soap to clean their hands on.

4. There’s a proper way to use hand sanitizers:

To use a hand sanitizer effectively, Ensure That Your hands Are free of grime and dirt before applying the item. Then, apply a Palm-full of merchandise and rub vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes, making sure to Distribute the sanitizer between your fingers, under your nails and jewelry, on Your wrists and on the backs of every hand. If your hands are dry, you’re great To proceed.

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