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The Way to get rid of your plastic glitter

One of the greatest fears of sporting glitter is how to get Rid of it once it has been applied. If you’re searching for strategies to eliminate glitter, or whether you are aware of the environment and would like to get rid of glitter completely after using it, you’ll be surprised using a plant-based glitter which makes things simpler than you might imagine.

We are encouraged to see so many people making the change Embrace biodegradable glitter. We realize that lots of you might still have some plastic glitter in your palms. It’s okay. We do not blame you. We know it’s a slow process to make changes.

One question We’ve been getting a lot lately is what do I do with my old plastic glitter?

We’ve got a couple of thoughts on this.

The best way to eliminate your plastic glitter is to Permanently glue it into something you plan to keep (if not permanently, at least for a long time). Simply take a few strong, high excellent adhesive and use it to sparkle up your area or a number of the personal items that you continue around.

As an Example, you can use your old glitter to:

  • Create a sparkly sacred object for your altar
  • Create a creative sculpture for the bathroom vanity
  • Add some shimmer to your own toothbrush holder
  • Emphasize the pocket mirror you carry in your handbag
  • Add some glistening flair to a journal or notebook

This way you get to enjoy viewing your things sparkling, and Your previous glitter does not wind up in the trash. Create beauty, and keep your vinyl glitter from the ecosystem!

If You Cannot find a way to upcycle your vinyl glitter, The 2nd best thing would be to fix it into a resin or glue before you toss it in the garbage. Place some fixer to keep the particles from getting loose, leave it sealed in the container, and then toss it out that way. This way it is going to end up in a landfill, that isn’t great, but at least it’s not getting into the water system.

The absolute worst thing to do would be to flush it down the Toilet or dump it at the sink because that places it directly into the water System and it would finally go in the ocean. Please please please all those You do, don’t eliminate your plastic glitter by placing it in our water! It Is a microplastic, and it is poisonous to human and marine life!


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