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The recurring problem: What to give for a wedding anniversary or birthday present? We have the solution: A wooden bowl.

Why do you give a bowl? The nature of love is the answer. Love is a shared source for nourishment, which provides stability and strength. As it burns, it brings warmth and light. Love is also open: it’s open to being fulfilled, open for whatever comes, and open to all things. Love is beauty, an inner reality that emerges from the human heart and has to be expressed outwardly.

These truths are all reflected in the symbolism of wooden bowls. A bowl, like love, is open and can hold nourishment that many can enjoy. A bowl made from wood reflects the strength and endurance of love and its ability to lighten and warm us. A wooden bowl is beautiful because it was made from the heart of the craftsperson and then shaped by hand to an outer reality.

You could also give the happy couple an oven. We recommend the wooden bowl, which is as timeless and lasting as the love itself.

Because different trees reflect different aspects of love, you can communicate your special message even through wood.

Black walnut bowls, for example, represent practicality and the gifts that come with it. This is reflected in the delicious nuts and dyes this tree produces. This bowl also signifies your blessing for a long and strong marriage because it is made from sturdy furniture that will last many lifetimes.

Consider giving a cherry box as a gift to show how love sustains us. This tree’s fruit is delicious and versatile. It’s also rich in antioxidants, which keep us healthy. A cherry wood bowl, like cherry wood, symbolizes your desire that your family will continue to be strong for future generations.

Are you still leaning towards a toaster? Consider how economical a wooden bowl can be: even decades after the finest toaster went to the Landfill in the Sky the bowl you gave will still be useful for the children of the people you gave it too.

Let us pick a unique gift for you. So that the groom and bride know who you are, we’ll include our company history in the gift box.

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