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What health benefits can you get from wearing comfortable shoes?

According to some reports, we will cover a distance of approximately 200,000 km over our lifetime. This is approximately 7000 steps per day. This is a clear indication of how important it to wear comfortable, quality shoes . Many women don’t pay enough attention to their shoes. Many women purchase shoes based on fashion, style, or trend, sometimes at the expense of comfort. This can lead to foot problems such as bunions, swollen arches, and joint pains.

The foundation of the rest is made up of our feet. The difference between a pain in your back and a spring in your step can be made by choosing the right shoe.

Foot pain prevention

Shoes with a smaller toe box volume are a major cause of feet discomfort and pain, particularly in the forefoot. Shoes with a reduced toe box volume will restrict the feet and make it difficult for them to move freely.

Size is another possible reason for feet pain. Size is a major factor in foot pain. Only 14% of women have shoes that are the right size. This is due to several factors:

  1. It’s hard to remember when the last time they were measured. While our feet may change over time, the size that we choose has remained constant.
  2. Shoes that don’t fit our daily activities are not the right shoes
  3. Shoes in our size are impossible to find! This is a sad reality for many of us blessed with plus size (long, broad) feet.

The good news is that has solved this problem. We believes that footwear inclusion should be a norm and not an exception. These are just a few of the reasons why should be your go-to brand for shoes.

Every shoe has an almond-toe front because they are hand-crafted and specially engineered. It’s neither too pointedy nor too round, which is ideal for the toe shape. This prevents bunions and squashed toes that are common with pointy-toe fronts.

Size inclusive

We are aware that many women struggle to find the right size. Many shoes sold in stores don’t fit women or are not made well. It is here to address this common problem. All sizes of our shoes are available, and range. This allows women at both ends to find the perfect fit. We all have asymmetrical feet sizes. To help you solve this problem.

The softest lambskin leather

Are you suffering from painful bunions? Shoes that continue to aggravate the bunions? Don’t worry. Shoes made from ultra-soft, gentle materials are best. Some women believe that shoes are made to hurt. We disagree!

These shoes, for example, are made from the most soft lambskin leather. These shoes are so soft that they will mold to your feet with every wear. They are so comfortable that you will wear them more often.

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