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Utilization of various types of Shoes to match Fashion to create a Variety of Fashion

An Introduction

Shoes can be among the top frequently used accessory to help one look fashionable and trendy. They were initially designed in the early days to safeguard the feet of the person, but these days, shoes are not just used to protect your feet but also an element of fashion. They come in different styles based on gender, age or country, as well as time. It has been proven the fashion industry experts are able to provide 90% of an impression of someone’s personality by looking at the style of shoes they wear.

The Story of Shoe Discovery:
Shoes were developed to protect feet. in 2005 Eric Trinkaus, an Anthropologist in the University of Washington in the United States, studied the human anatomy during the Ice Age and the patterns of the period, suggesting that humans started wearing shoes around 40 000 years ago. After discovering an ancient pair of sneakers in an underground cave known as Armenian Arenia-1, the research showed that these shoes were constructed during the 16th and 12th centuries BC and that the footwear of girls and boys were similar at the time of shoe-making.

In the beginning of modernization in shoe design, wooden shoes were manufactured and called different names based on the location. Over time the elegance of shoes has assumed the shape it is today. Many kinds of shoes have popped up on the market, with various designs.

The Variety of Shoes Use in Fashion:
The shoes are given an enormous amount of importance to be trendy with the latest fashions. These days, fashionable people pay attention to the way their footwear matches with their outfits. According to current current fashions sneakers are popular, as well as ballerina, canvas, Nagra-style ballerina footwear or high heels, semi-heel shoes are very popular among women’s footwear. For western fashion, you can opt for canvas or sneakers. Girls look more smart in ballerinas too. The high heels look less fashionable when paired with jeans. But since fashion is a individual preference, it is essential to remember that, regardless of whether one opts for high heels. Therefore, flat shoes go perfectly with jeans.

The textiles microfibers synthetic leather and the all-time favorite leather are also the mainstays of the leather. But, since the cost of shoes made from pure leather is higher, the others are becoming more popular at the present time. Shoes with the style that one prefers are and are within reach.

Today, males aren’t being left behind when it comes to keeping up with fashion. They have also become trendy today. They make use of clothing to look trendy. The fashion industry is now focusing on Converse. The brand’s new line and the mix of colors are going well. In terms of colors, yellow and blue are the most popular, and their mixed hues are appealing. The market for light-to-dark or mixed green, red and black converse is very high on the market.

The converse can be made out of a variety of materials like leather, cloth or even jeans. There are many kinds of converse conversions. They include Converse, High Converse Semi-High Converse, Shoe Converse, Plain Converse, Sports Converse, Lace Converse etc. Leather shoes play an significant role in your office or business world.

Loafers are still a popular choice for their fashionable footwear. One of the main advantages to loafers is the fact they’re more comfortable than other types of footwear. Loafers are able to be worn with or without socks. There is no problem in tying the ribbon. The loafers are a great match for formal attire. They create a lot of stylish look when worn in formal.

There are also casual footwear in addition to the formal suede. They are available as sneakers and bootsthat retain their stylish look. The latest designs are always coming. The cost of sandals and shoes is based on the style, materials used, and their quality. The big brands such as Liberty, Bata, Gallery Apex, Janice, Hass Puppies, Spark Gear have also created the top shoe options for children. In addition, Elephant Road, New Market, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Jamuna Future Park offers a selection of stylish designer shoes.

The stores have come up with a range of trendy footwear to stay ahead of the latest fashion. An exciting new fashion trend has emerged in the market for shoes with the majority of the buyers’ attention. In Bangladesh there was a Bata Company first started large-scale footwear industry, however later well-known companies like Apex, Excelsior Shoes and Paragon Leather and Footwear Industries have also made progress. At one point, Bangladesh imported shoes from other countries however, it is now exporting shoes to various countries each year under the direction under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The demand for stylish shoes on the market is growing each day. Shoes are now the main focus in showing one’s individuality. Party, at home, work -wherever you go, one must wear shoes that complement their individuality. The use of stylish shoes in conjunction with clothes can make them look more attractive.

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