August 2019

The World of Handbags August 2019

When it comes to selecting a handbag, have plenty of patience because the number of styles and designs is just enormous. But, this is actually great. It means we are able to have a fashion bag for almost every imaginable occasion.

It is said that a woman should have three handbags designed for different occasions. Each outfit should be matched with a fitting bag.

There are several types of handbags: tote bags, clutch bags, satchels, duffels, and hobos.

A tote bag is often a large bag with parallel handles that come up from the sides of the pouch. Typically, it is made of sturdy cloth, with leather at its handle or bottom. The fabric such bags are usually made of include heavy canvas, jute, synthetics, natural fibers, etc.

A clutch bag or commonly known as clutch is designed without straps or handles. It is carried in hand. Moreover, women believe it is one of the essentials in their accessories. Usually, it is used to keep makeup and other cosmetics during formal occasions. Normally, they are matched with evening attires.

As far as the satchel is concerned, it features large straps that allow hanging it over the shoulder and dropping across the other side of the body. Commonly, satchels are used to carry documents, booklets or envelopes. Also, they are suitable for students to carry books and other school things. Today, there is a large variety of fashionable satchels.

Duffel bags are designed for travel purposes. They are large and have many compartments. It is perfect for carrying clothes and other necessary items for a trip. Even if a duffel bag is usually carried on a shoulder, some of them have wheels so that you can push and pull them conveniently.

Another type of handbags is the hobo. A hobo has a crescent-shaped design and the length of the handles vary. Based on its design, a hobo can be either a casual or a formal accessory. Such handbags look very feminine and fashionable.

If you possess all these types of bags, you are a lucky one. It means no matter what event you are going to attend, you have the right handbag to match the selected outfit. Every woman wants to look perfect, that’s why an evening or a casual look won’t be complete without an appropriate bag. Thus, if you still don’t have a handbag for a night out or a formal dinner at hand, it’s time to go and get one!

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