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Wearing a name necklace or bracelet crosses over the sexes and age barrier; moms, dads, kids teens and grandmas can all get away with wearing one of these personalized jewelry gifts, most times chosen with care and almost always given with love. Jewelry personalized with names, birthstones, birthday stones and semi and precious stones are as old as civilization and certainly date back to the times when mankind first learned through experimentation how to manipulate metal and other material into ornate and intricate pieces.

The ingenuity of designers and jewelry end pieces down the ages is nothing short of miraculous, the entire depths of the human psyche has been tapped and as mankind has spread across the planet, the design of jewelry has come to reflect the culture, the local landscape and how the local population has evolved and changed over centuries.

Take a look at jewelry which emanated from India and the east and compares the designs and end products to the jewelry traditionally associated with England, with the tribes of Africa or the Inuit people of what is now Canada. Jewelry design and creation reflected the raw material they had on hand at the time as well as reflecting the hardships, the richness of their lives and the effects the environment had on their way of life.

As their skills accumulated over time, so too did the style and range of jewelry creations they were able to create. Natural materials including but not restricted to animal tusks and ivory, amber, jet, wood, shells, and bone was the mainstay of primitive peoples, and while this is not to disparage less well-developed societies it merely reflects the things which were important to them in their lives and were the essentials of survival.

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Many pieces of jewelry of a personalized nature were of a religious theme, and almost all were certainly worn to protect them from harm and bring them home safe. This manifests itself today in the form of a St Christopher’s cross, given as a protection to the traveler in the hope they will return safely. There are literally hundreds of thousands of examples of this type of jewelry from around the world.

However, the simplest and most honest of personalized jewelry is that given with love, regardless of what it is made from or how much it costs to make or buy. A name necklace is just one format of personalized gifts which can be found at the online store aptly named Best Personalized Jewelry.

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