The Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Hot Vodacom Deals February 2024

“I don’t need a nice phone”… said no one, ever. These days, we are all about our phones and the technology that is available to us. We conduct our lives around the phones that we have and, as a result, they are part of everything that we do now. So, if you are one of those people who live in denial about the fact that you need a phone for the century that you live in, it is time for a change. Maybe you find the thought of applying for a phone contract to be one that is mundane and tiresome. You would be entirely correct, especially if you were to go and physically apply for one yourself! The great thing about these days is the fact that you can apply for a contract online and have all of your paperwork submitted online as well. No more queues! What a win for you!

GearBest Coupon CodeNow that you realise that there is nothing scary about getting a new phone, you should start thinking about which one you are going to opt for. If you are someone who cannot really decide if they want a phone or a tablet, you will be very well off with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is one heck of a device that is guaranteed to revolutionise the way in which you interact with your technology.

Reasons why you want this device

Not only is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 going to revolutionise the way that you use your phone, it is also going to introduce you to the world of tablets and how great and convenient they can be. Here are some of the features that you can expect to get with the phone:

  • 32GB memory card, for all of those important photos and songs.
  • 13 Mega pixel camera that has got zero shutter lag.
  • The easy to use browser, will help you to find any website that you need, at any time. The great thing is that it loads full webpages with maximum functionality, so no matter what you need to do, you will be able to do it.
  • The beautiful screen also comes with a great stylus that will allow you to operate it hands free, if you are not that happy about touching your screen that often.
  • The phone also comes with full LTE capabilities, so that you can have the best access to the internet all the time.

You can get this phone on a Vodacom Anytime contract, for just R469p/m. You get 200mb data as well as 200 SMS’s and 75 Anytime minutes. Now, if that isn’t a massive bargain, we don’t know what is! What else are you waiting for? Confirmation that this phone is awesome? Well, you have it now.

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