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1. Give yourself a break

Recent studies indicate that stress causes physical changes within the body which may accelerate aging. Surges of these hormones adrenaline and cortisol cause blood pressure to rise and your heart to beat faster. These days, when our stressors appear materialistic (a continuous stream of job stresses, traffic jams( money issues ), chronic doses of adrenaline and cortisol require a hefty toll on our physical and emotional wellness.

2. Consume more fat

The wholesome kind, that is. Omega-3 fatty acids (found in salmon, walnuts, and seeds) help stabilize your mood, maintain bone strength, also help avoid visible signs of aging by decreasing inflammation in the human body, explains Nicholas Perricone, MD, also a major anti-aging expert and author of Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity. “Omega-3s also raise the capacity of the body’s enzymes to pull on fat from storage — from the hips, say — and use it as energy,” he states. “Omega-3s keep you healthy and your skin radiant.”

3. Get off the couch

Does regular exercise help you Shed weight, tone Muscles, build healthier bones, and boost mood, in addition, it can help you think clearly. Studies cited by the National Institute on Aging reveal a connection between physical exercise and better mind power. “Walking for just 10 minutes a day lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s by 40 percent,” says Gary Small, MD, director of the UCLA Center on Aging and co-author of The Brain Kit. “Physical conditioning reduces stress and anxiety, which wipe your memory bank.”

4. Feel the love

Anyone who’s ever fallen head over heels or discovered an Activity that makes them eager to jump from bed in the morning knows that fire is a strong drug. Passion in mattress can be particularly valuable:”Loving touches release hormones, such as oxytocin, that reduce tension and anxiety,” says Mehmet Oz, MD, professor of surgery and vice chairman of cardiovascular services in New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University, in addition to the coauthor of You to a diet program. “If sex is a purely hedonistic procedure, it won’t have exactly the same results.”

5. Drink red wine

Last autumn, a radical study demonstrated that mice a High-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of grapes, had longer average lifespans than those not granted the resveratrol. According to the study’s co-lead researcher Rafael de Cabo, PhD from the National Institute on Aging, resveratrol obviously reduced the chance of diabetes and liver problems from mice, leading to a significant decrease in deaths that are diabetic. But here is the catch:”You would need to drink 180 bottles of wine per day to acquire the exact benefits,” states Dr. Roizen.

6. Do yoga

More energy, better posture, greater flexibility, enhanced Mood, and less stress are simply a few of the benefits of the mind-body workout. “Through aware Yoga breathing, you become aware of the link between mind and body.” That translates into important anti-aging benefits. Yogic breathing has been Demonstrated to oxygenate the cellsridding these toxins, helping avoid illness, And producing skin radiant. Unlike other exercises, says Lee, yoga poses are Made to operate the interior of the body as well as the exterior, which assists Rejuvenate the digestive tract, the reproductive system, also the resistant system. says. “It’s one of the greatest ways to keep things moving.”

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