August 2019

The Best Wedding Dress August 2019

I love weddings! Weddings are like Christmas; Lots of anxiety, preparations, invitations, cry, laughter, spending, family bonding and others. In my country, wedding is one of the most extravagant ways to spend money. It is an occasion where even the poor do not have to bother about eating because the food cooked could feed a whole community. Although there are different classes of weddings based on what you can afford, those that can afford all the luxury and make it strictly by invitation and those that can afford it in a little way. Every woman has the right to feel like the queen of the world on her D-Day sauntering with an unparalleled vibrancy and serenity at the same time. It is usually said that the bride is the happiest and most nervous of all. She is the center of the day because everyone wants to see the wedding dress she will wear; not like the groom is not important though. In fact people come to weddings to get the latest fashion trend in wedding dresses and other wears that is used at the occasion.

Every lady has style and has dreams of how she wants her wedding day to be, and how she wants her wedding gown to be like. I have attended weddings and I have seen different styles of wedding dresses, from simple to complex styles. But the one that shock me most, are the different crazy styles I see people wear, just to look different in their day. I see ladies wear gowns that expose the whole breast, while some wear gowns that have been slit straight up to the waist and different other styles. And it makes me wonder if the ladies are the people getting married or their naked bodies.

I was one of the bridal trains in a friend’s wedding and I witnessed how the bride was adorned with different ornaments after her white strap-less simple flowing gown had been worn with a jacket to go with it which she intended to remove during the time of reception. She looked like an angel without wings as she walked down the aisle; She looked so gorgeous. I wished I was the bride. After the wedding, a lot people kept wishing they got married that day. The styles of wedding dresses do not matter because the bride has the right to choose the style she wants but that white beautiful gown adorned with a lovely veil to cover her face which signifies chastity, is a dress shown to the whole world how descent she is. Going into the presence of God to wed requires respect from us most especially through the dress we wear. I noticed from discussions with people, that the type of wedding dress worn in a wedding was one of the key factors they used to judge the success of a wedding and also how well the marriage would go. A wedding dress is a special dress, it is not a dress worn all the time. it is a dress people always look forward to see. So the first and last time you intend to wear it always leave a lasting impression on the minds of those who see it. In the light of this, wearing the right wedding dress that will bring honor to God would be the best.

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