August 2019

The Best Features of iPhone 5S August 2019

The smartphone industry witnessed a major transformation when Apple first came out with its first generation smartphone, named iPhone. Back then, phones without keypad were not considered to be a possibility, but iPhone demonstrated that the touch screen was enough to be the sole input panel. The screen size was larger than any other phone, and it ran on the extremely powerful and sophisticated operating system – iOS. Over the years, newer versions of the Apple iPhone have arrived, and every time, the new device has been able to surpass the expectations and beat the competitors on the basis of innovation, style and sophistication.

iPhone 5S is the latest version of Apple’s iPhone series, and was launched in the year 2013. It succeeded iPhone 5 with enhanced features, but as per the norm of being a revised version, it maintains the same structure and design. However, the biggest enhancement with iPhone 5S is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. With this new version, Apple has made some major changes to the mobile’s user interface, and added several new features to the core functionality.

However, the most talked about feature about iPhone 5S is the finger-print authentication technology that can be used to authorize the user’s activities. The redesigned home button can detect finger prints and authorize payments such as App store and iTunes purchases. Branded as Touch ID, a user can store up to five finger prints on a secure chip of the device, and use any one of them for authentication purpose. This has been devised with the objective to make passwords redundant, at least partially.

Additionally, there is other hardware optimization, which includes the introduction of a M7 processor that takes care of sensor inputs such as gyroscopes and accelerometer. M7 takes the load off the main processor, thus allowing core features of the phone to run faster. Additionally, it has been claimed to be the first smartphone to have a 64-bit processor, which makes it two-times faster than other phones in the market.

Apart from the core device and the innumerous features, what makes Apple phones stand apart is the huge range of accessories that it comes with. Apart from the leather cases, iPhone 5S comes with an 8-pin dock that replaces the larger 30-pin docks that came with the previous versions. Additionally, iPhone owners could also opt for Earpods, which are specifically designed for the new version and enhances the overall sound quality.

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