August 2019

The Allure of Blue Diamond Rings August 2019

Diamonds are one of most beautiful stones used to create trendy and vintage jewelry. One has always associated them with elegance, sparkle, and brilliance. For brides, their diamond engagement rings are filled with promise and happy tidings. A woman sets a lot in store when it comes to picking her wedding ring. Selecting an innovative or an exclusive blue diamond ring can be a great kick start in selecting the right one. While some things are the same as when picking a normal diamond ring, you may want to go through the helpful handy hints given ahead to make it an easy and fun experience.

The 3 C’s

Buying a diamond essentially revolves around the key criteria called the 3 C’s; Cut, clarity and color. The same criterion is to be used to determine the quality of a blue diamond ring. The cut, defined by the shape of the stone, clarity is the level of purity of the diamond, and the color is the richness of the color that defines a good quality diamond. The way a diamond is cut determines the final finish and beauty of the jewelry it is set in. The clarity refers to the level of slight natural impurities that are inherent in diamonds. Imperfections and clarity grading gives a diamond its valued price. The higher the clarity with the least imperfections found will lead the diamond to be valued at a high price.

Size matters

The value of a diamond is also adjudged by its weight or carats. A blue diamond ring may too be appraised based on the carats of the diamond being used in the ring. It is understood that the higher the carat the greater the expense and valuable of a diamond would be. Generally, you must try to buy something that weighs more.

Shape matters

The shape determines the way a diamond will look when set in a particular design of jewelry. There are various shapes available across blue diamond rings such as princess cuts, round cuts, cushion cuts, etc. The shape depends in individual choices and focuses on the kind of overall look you wish to achieve. Your preferred style can be either vintage classic, trendy, modern or contemporary.

Unique appeal

Anyone wishing to create a picture of calm poise can do so with a brilliant blue diamond rings. Typically associated with nature and water, this hue gives out a feeling of assuredness and love. The shades of blue differ ranging from light azure blue to deep ocean blue. Anything that looks different is sure to make you get noticed by all around you.

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