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Tea may be good for your health. Here’s how to make it happen.

Tea is a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold, no matter the season.

Its benefits extend beyond just a refreshing drink. Research has shown that tea can improve your health.

Recent research published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that tea-loving Chinese were less likely than others to die from any cause, especially stroke, during a seven year follow-up.

This link was strongest among regular tea drinkers, those who drank the beverage at least three days per week. The effects of green tea were stronger than those of black tea.

According to the study authors, a 50 year old who drinks tea often could develop heart disease about a year and a half later than someone who has never or rarely drank tea.

These are the top health benefits and some delicious options for teas you can try:

1. Antioxidants are found in tea.

Antioxidants are used to protect the body from rust. White tea is a better choice than green or black tea because it contains more antioxidants.

2. Coffee has more caffeine than tea.

Traditional teas contain less caffeine than herbal blends, and they don’t contain any caffeine. This means that you can enjoy it without worrying about the effects on your nervous systems, according to Leslie Bonci (nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice). Teeccino is a chicory root-based tea that has the same mouthfeel and taste as coffee. Chicory root has been proven to reduce stress and may also be beneficial for your gut.

3. Tea can reduce your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

Anna Ardine is the clinical nutrition manager at Magee Womens Hospital of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She said that there’s lots of literature on tea and heart health. “This is a strong evidence-based health effect.”

A 2016 study that combined data from several earlier studies found a 20% decrease in the risk of having a heart attack and a 35% lower risk of stroke in those who consumed one to three cups of green-colored tea per day. Drinking four to five cups of green tea per day resulted in a 32% decrease in the chance of a heart attack. Also, there was a lower level of LDL cholesterol. You might be tempted to drink four cups of green tea daily, but one cup matcha tea can provide the same benefits. Matcha tea is made from ground greens tea leaves, and it is considered to be as nutritious as 10 cups of regular green.

4. Tea could help you lose weight

Ardine stated that research on this topic isn’t as solid. She also said that studies that showed an effect depend on large amounts of tea, sometimes in pill form.

5. Tea may help protect your bones

Recent animal studies have shown that green tea may help prevent bone loss. Moringa, which is a South Asian plant, has long been appreciated for its medicinal properties. It’s fast becoming a popular superfood. Moringa tea has more calcium than milk and also contains iron, vitamin K, and vitamin A. It is great for helping to keep your bones strong.

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