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Guide to the Night Sky and Basic Astronomy

Face-on spiral galaxy Messier 101 (picture credit: Terry Hancock)Interested in learning more about the night skies? Here’s the place to begin. With this page, you locate fundamental manuals and articles to help you understand the night skies and the significant stars and constellations. You discover the remarkable selection of objects you can see in the night skies, from the Moon and planets to distant galaxies. You also get clear advice on the best way best to select a telescope and binoculars for backyard design. These posts are available at no cost, and you will return here to find out more about how to enjoy the nighttime sky.

Stargazing Basics

Standard stargazing isn’t that hard. If you can follow a map to Locate your way Around a new town, you can find your way across the night sky. Follow the hyperlinks on this segment to learn the layout of the nighttime skies, in addition to the way the sky appears to move during the year.

  • The Celestial Sphere
  • The Celestial Poles and Celestial Equator
  • How the Sky Moves
  • The Way to Read a Star Chart
  • Measuring Angles from the Night Sky
  • Sky Coordinates
  • Star Brightness and Magnitude
  • The Brightest Stars
  • Star Names

What You Could See in the Night Sky

In these posts, you discover a little about the amazing Array of amazing objects it is possible to see in the night sky, from the Moon and planets into star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. This knowledge will be a huge help with your stargazing sessions. Because knowing the celestial things you see in your binoculars or telescope may be as much fun as viewing them.

  • The Moon
  • Viewing the Planets
  • Meteors, Meteor Showers, and Comets
  • Star Basics
  • Black and Diffuse Nebulae
  • Open Star Clusters
  • Globular Star Clusters
  • Galaxies

Basic Night Sky Tours

These Simple skies excursions of the northern and southern Hemispheres are organized more or less by season: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Start with your current season and proceed from that point. Each has a one-page circular map you can print and take with you for a number of sessions, in addition to a couple ideas about how to read the maps. Proceed onto the other seasons of the year as the schedule permits.

Choosing Telescopes and Binoculars

These articles will show you the basics of choosing a Newcomer’s telescope and a good set of binoculars for visual observation of the nighttime sky. With this know-how, you’ll be able to pick the ideal stargazing tools on your budget and private situation, tools that will allow you to see thousands of beautiful and memorable celestial objects that few people actually get to watch.

The Way to Choose a Telescope (Video Series). If you are looking to Purchase your first Telescope, begin with checking out this movie series about astronomy telescopes, binoculars, and accessories for all beginners.

Binocular Basics

  • Image-stabilized binoculars for astronomy
  • Read This Before You Buy a Telescope
  • The Purpose of a Telescope
  • Strategies for Picking a Great Telescope
  • Refractor Telescopes
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescopes
  • Telescope Mounts
  • Accessories for Telescopes

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