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Different types of cookies:

Cookie Categories

Drop cookies

Drop cookies, also known as icebox cookies or icebox cookies, are made of sticky dough. Before baking, Coppedge says that patients should refrigerate the dough. Drop them onto a baking sheet by simply scooping them up. Drop cookies spread quite well due to sugar and fat. Chilling helps reduce fat and increase fluff.


Piped cookies

These cookies are made by pressing the dough through a cookie press. Coppedge states that they spread well but retain their shape well.


Roll-out cookies

Coppedge states that cookie cutters can be used to make roll-out cookies. These cookies are usually made with a 1-2-3 dough. This means one part sugar, two portions fat, and three parts flour. Roll-out cookie recipes may contain binders like milk or egg, but the end result is a soft and firm dough that holds its shape well.



Due to the way that the batter is made, some specialty cookies can technically be classified as “cake” or other. We see rainbow cookies as what they are. However, most people still consider such ambiguous handheld treats cookies. So we’ll add them to our list.


Coppedge claims that there is one thing common to all the cookies we have listed below: They are high in sugar and fat. This is why they taste so delicious. This extensive list will make you want to eat, encourage you to whip out your mixer, and send you racing down the aisles of your local grocery store.


Black and white cookies

Drop cake is technically vanilla cake batter baked in rounds on cookie sheets. Manhattan’s Glaser’s Bake Shop was the original owner of this delicious treat. The Bavarian immigrants brought the recipe to Manhattan. After baking, the treat is flipped and covered in black-and-white fondant frosting.



Biscotti is made from a firm dough. It’s baked in a log form, then cut on a bias and rotated again. This recipe can be traced back to 14th-century Tuscany where bakers tried to eliminate moisture that could lead to mold. Biscotti is a hard cookie.


Butter Cookies

Technically, all-butter cookies are butter cookies. (Duh!) Coppedge says that they look like sugar cookies, but aren’t sugary. He also mentions that butter cookies can be rolled, dropped, or pipped.


Chocolate Chip

It’s difficult to believe that there has ever been a time when chocolate cookies weren’t around. However, the original recipe was created at Toll House in Massachusetts in the 1930s. Coppedge states that chocolate chips give them a lot of fats and sugars, which makes them spread a lot.


Crinkle cookies

Coppedge says that these sugar-covered chocolate cookies are named after the texture they create when they spread. This is due to the reaction of sugar with other ingredients.


Fortune Cookies

Coppedge says fortune cookies have roots in Kyoto, Japan, which dates back to the 1870s. They are made of a pancake-like batter that is baked on a metal disc similar to a flat waffle maker. When the cookies are warm, they are folded and slipped into a strip of paper with a fortune.


Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread is the oldest cookie on the list. It was first discovered in Western Europe in the 11th century. Coppedge describes the firm cookies as “the sugar hardens to create an attractive, crispy snap” and adds that they can also be made using the chemical leavener ammonium carbonate to increase the tenderness.

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