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How to Size a Room Chandelier:

A chandelier adds flavor, design and of course, overall Lighting into a room, but choosing the perfect chandelier can be challenging. A little chandelier can easily get lost in a large space and don’t deliver a powerful design component, even though a big chandelier can overpower a small space. The right chandelier is proportional to the width and height of this room. It is crucial to note, however, other considerations, such as personal preference and mild layering from other light sources, can play a considerable role in choosing the proper chandelier for the space.

Our step-by-step guide Can Help You determine the overall Sizing and positioning of a chandelier to your dining room, kitchen, kitchen or breakfast nook based on the size of the room, living area, or your own furniture. You might also use these dimensions in different fields of your home, a few with specific considerations.


  • Assess the length and the width of this room
  • Add the two measurements
  • Blend the measurement unit from feet to inches

The converted amount is the ideal diameter (or diameter) of the chandelier. By way of instance, if your dining room is 10′ x 18′, a chandelier with a 28″ diameter or width is the best fit for your space. This applies no matter the shape of the chandelier. However, for round or rectangular fixtures, the duration should be one-half, but not more than two-thirds the period of your table.

You can also use the square footage of the area to help Estimate the size of chandelier that would be proportional. We have supplied a quick reference chart below showing the right diameter or width from square footage. Square footage is calculated by taking the length of the room multiplied by the diameter of this space. Using the illustration above, a 10′ x 18′ dining area would be 180 square foot, along with a chandelier around 28″ in diameter could be proportional.

To Ascertain the diameter of your chandelier from the size of Your dining table, assuming that you have an open floor plan or merely wish to make the chandelier that the centerpiece of this space, we advocate that the width or diameter of the chandelier should be one-half to two-thirds the diameter of the table. With ceilings over the conventional eight toes, you bottom the size of the chandelier in the room size or living area. In cases like this, you would want to make sure that the diameter of the chandelier is 1 foot in relation to the width of this table, so half inches of clearance on both sides of the dining table.

Hanging at Least Two Chandeliers

To hang more than one chandelier over a dining table, divide the Table width from the number of chandeliers plus one and apply the outcome as the width or diameter for every chandelier. Install the drapes spaced the identical distance apart as the diameter of the chandeliers. As an example, if you’d like to hang two strands over a desk that is 72 inches (72 divided by two +1), the diameter of every chandelier will be 24 inches, and they should be hung 24 inches from each end of this table.


Measure the ceiling height, from the installation site to The flooring. At this stage, ensure that the installation site is 4 feet from any adjoining walls.

  • For every foot, estimate 2.5″ to 3″ of chandelier height
  • Multiply the ceiling elevation from the chandelier elevation
  • Convert the measurement unit to inches

For example, if your dining area includes an 8-foot ceiling, then A 24-inch chandelier is the best match for your area. Click the picture below to publish our own chandelier sizing guide.

Please notice: The above calculations assume you’ve got a Ceiling height proportional to the area size. Therefore, in case you have a large room and a very low ceiling, such as an open floor plan, or a ceiling and a small room, like a foyer, this may not apply. See our placement tips below to find out more.


Room chandelier should hang 30″ to 34″ in the desktop to the base of the chandelier and be focused within the table. If your ceiling is much greater than eight feet high, the recommended clearance will be 36 to 40 inches.

  • Gauge the ceiling into the table in inches = _____
  • Ceiling ) or 38″ (>8′ ceiling)
  • Minus the chandelier height determined in Step 2 over = _____
  • Sequence length = _______


If you are hanging a headboard in another room of the House, it is advised that there is at least seven feet clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. A chandelier can be hung in virtually any room or part of your home, from a finished basement into a walk-in closet, with this simple rule in mind. Here are some other placement guidelines by area to think about along with the recommended installation height:

Open floor plan

Centered over the living room, such as the living space set Or over the coffee table, dining room set, or kitchen island. Only utilize the approximate measurement of the room together with all the steps above to determine the appropriate width of the fixture.

Living Room

Centered in the room or over the coffee table. The Suggested clearance of seven feet applies no matter whether there is a coffee table or maybe not. The most significant factor in this area is whether the chandelier will be the main lighting source.


Edge of the tub to ceiling. Sizing can be decided by taking one-third the amount of bathtub. For safety reasons, we recommend using non-electrified drapes or wall sconces if putting over the tub and ceiling height doesn’t allow for an eight-foot clearance. Situated in the space; at least 3 ft from the bathtub.

Long Hallways

Feet apart, the very least of an eight-foot clearance from floor to underside of the chandelier is required. For nonceilings, we recommend flush mount chandeliers. Chandelier size is determined by the width of the hallway; every foot equals 2-2.5 inches in diameter. For example, if your hallway is more five-foot-wide, then the chandelier diameter would be 10-12 inches.
Centered on the foyer table or in the middle of the space. Sizing can be determined by the size of this room or the table. The most important concern in this area is the light of the space, as it is where your client’s first impressions are made. You can go as dramatic or vivid as you want. We advocate using fitting wall sconces on either side of the foyer table as accents.

Two-Story Foyer using Staircase

Pick a two or three tier chandelier to Be Able to provide The greatest visual results. Regarding placement, It’s Important to acknowledge That there isn’t an ideal answer for this so many houses are different in this Region, also there are many distinct tastes that will cause unique results.

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