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Stamps, their uses and how you can use them

How you can use them

If you’ve got an important letter or parcel to ship, it could be difficult to understand what you need to do to ensure that your parcels aren’t lost in the mail. If you’re seeking more information about the process of shipping parcels and letters work and how to send them, you’re in the right spot!

Today we’ll look at stamps, which are by far the most ancient and popular method for “paying” to postage.

What exactly are stamps used to do?

Stamps serve as the money of the post world. They determine the speed at which your mail will get to its destination. By having the letter “stamped” is basically an indication to let the post office know that you’ve paid for shipping. Simple!

However when you’re trying to send parcels and letters stamps are typically the most difficult obstacle to overcome. If you’re prepared pay for a stamp the more quickly your package will arrive. Naturally the size and weight of the parcel or letter will determine the kind of postage you’ll have to be able to.

Stamps classification

In the case of using stamps they fall into two distinct categories:

  • First class stamps – they are slightly more expensive and are usually handed out the following working day (even during Saturdays)
  • Second class stamps are the least expensive option, and maybe not so surprisingly, one that is more time-consuming for mail to arrive. It is possible for second first class postage to require between 2 and 3 working days to be delivered.

The weight and size of a letter or parcel can also affect the price of stamps. The table below breaks down the amount you can expect to pay for second and first class stamps based on dimensions:

But, remember that prices may vary.

An overview of the background of the history of postage stamps in Great Britain

The story began in 1840 in the year 1840, when Rowland Hill convinced the Parliament to approve the Uniform Fourpenny Post where a flat fee would be charged regardless of the distance. This was the way in which the stamp was developed. The stamp was initially intended to be used only in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and was, in essence, an international stamp.

In the Victorian Era, there was an explosion of innovation in the field of shipping letters and stamps. The inefficiency cutting stamps off the sheets inspired experiments with rouletting (the Archer Roulette), and later perforation, that became the norm.

Stamp design

As you are likely to be conscious, stamps come in a variety of forms and designs. They’re usually used to honor a significant person or an event.

The graphic component that a stamp has is classified into four broad categories:

  • Portrait bust with either full-face or profile
  • Emblems – coat of arms Flag, national symbol, flag posthorn, etc.
  • Numeric – a style based around the number of value
  • Pictorial stamps

The use of portraits (of an official or another important person) and emblems is common of the early stamps. This was an extension of the currency that was the closest example available to the early stamp makers.

The patterns of usage have varied greatly. For instance from 1840 until 1900 in all British stamps had exactly the same portrait of Victoria with an array of frames. The selection of images is determined by a mix of anniversaries, mandatory annually issued stamps (such such as Christmas-themed stamps) and postal rate changes and the exhaustion of stamp stocks, as well as popular demand.

The typical shape of an ordinary postal stamp is that of a rectangular it is a practical way to put stamps onto sheets. A rectangle with a wider width than its height is known as”horizontal design” or “horizontal design” and one that is wider than tall is considered a “vertical pattern”.

Many other shapes have been utilized in the past, including triangular shapes, octagons, rhombuses as well as circles.

Although the majority people consider stamps to be little pieces of papers which need to be tucked into envelopes, some consider them collectibles and stamp collecting is a popular hobby. Sometimes it can be a pain that we need to buy each stamp (or stamps) before having to place them in envelopes. This can seem like an effort, but this is how it was done for centuries.

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