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LS Swap System for Third-Gen GM F-Bodies:

images (64)

The GM third-generation F-Body has advanced from oft-forgotten cars of the 1980s into a capable as well as a budget-friendly system for warm rodders and racers of all profession. While the system has actually verified to be affordable in various motorsports, the factory mounted engines leave a great deal to be preferred. Luckily Hooker Headers has the response with their third-gen F-Body particular swap system that allows setup of the popular GM LS engines. It consists of engine & transmission mounts, BlackHeart headers & exhaust systems, and swap devices. Hooker’s system designed LS swap system makes certain straight bolt-in fitment as well as correct driveline angles to assist LS-swapped third-gens to perform to their peak possibility, whether it gets on the drag strip, at the autocross or another venue.

Hooker’s engine and transmission install get rid of the uncertainty of an engine swap. Their engine mount brackets are built of plate steel for a long lasting as well as budget-friendly remedy. Engine placement has actually been enhanced and all manufacturing facility accessories clear. The places also leave a lot of room to utilize manufacturing facility facilities like cooling as well as power guiding. Actually, any GM or Holley LS device driver can be utilized. The place brackets are designed to work flawlessly with the Hooker transmission cross member, providing the proper driveline angles. This cross member includes a divorced, flexible torque arm mount that allows setup of a 4th-gen F-body T56, T56 Magnum, 4L60E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E, TH400 or TH200-4R transmission behind GM LS powerplants. The Holley LS retrofit oil pan (Component # 302-2) need to be used along with the engine install braces.

Hooker’s BlackHeart group has actually addressed the exhaust system with long tube headers and also header-back exhaust systems all set to screw in, which take even much more guesswork out of the formula. The Hooker BlackHeart headers are built of 304 stainless steel as well as a function either 1 3/4″ or 1 7/8″ primaries that feed into a 3″ combine design collection agency. These headers mate up to the 2.5″ BlackHeart dual-path crossover exhaust system, which is readily available in either 304 or 409 stainless steel. The produced combine design crossover assists develop even more power through exhaust scavenging and offer improved audio attenuation. An aggressive exhaust note exits with a set of polished mufflers and suggestions that are laser-etched with the Hooker logo design. The system bend geometry is enhanced to give the very best offered ground clearance for reduced automobiles as well as compatibility with driveshafts as much as 3.5″ in diameter.

With engine swaps like this, the devil is constantly in the details. That information has likewise been attended to by Hooker. To maintain the supply gas as well as brake lines trendy and far from the exhaust system, Hooker has a warm shield offered. Hooker likewise supplies a thermal barrier for the starter, which can be made use of on various LS applications.

New Hooker BlackHeart Exhaust Products for GM Autos:

images (65)

Hooker BlackHeart exhaust components are built of light-weight 18-gauge 304 or 409 stainless-steel to optimize toughness and also sturdiness. BlackHeart exhaust parts feature quality welds throughout for stamina, long life, and good appearances. Cat-back, as well as axle-back exhausts, are readily available with either a straight-through muffler or no muffler design that departures into a range of twin wall surface brightened stainless steel suggestions laser-etched with the Hooker logo design. Tube geometry is maximized for maximum clearance and also retains making use of manufacturing facility installing points for an easy installation.

The individual item text and also high-resolution pictures can be located on the individual item web pages:

5th Generation Camaro:

  • 2015 V6 Camaro Cat-Back Exhaust (With mufflers, without mufflers).
  • 2010- ’13 Camaro SS Full Exhaust Equipment For Use w/ Longtube Headers (With mufflers, Without mufflers).
  • 2014- ’15 Camaro SS Full Exhaust Equipment For Usage w/ Longtube Headers (With mufflers, without mufflers).
  • 2014- ’15 V6 Camaro Down Pipes (Catless, Catted) and Race Exhaust (Without mufflers, With mufflers).
  • 2010- ’13 V6 Camaro Axle-Back (Without mufflers, With mufflers) as well as Cat-Back Exhaust (Without mufflers, With mufflers).
  • 2010- ’13 V6 Camaro Longtube Headers and Race Exhaust (With mufflers, Without mufflers).
  • 2014- ’15 V6 Camaro Axle-Back (With mufflers, Without mufflers).
  • 2010- ’11 V6 Camaro Shorty Headers (Component # 70301302-RHKR, On web 10/15/15).
  • 1973- ’87 Chevrolet C/10.
  • 1973- ’87 C/10 LS Swap Exhaust Solution.

4th Generation F-Body:

  • 1998- ’02 LS1 F-Body Midlength Headers.
  • 1998- ’02 LS1 F-Body True Dual Exhaust for Midlength Headers.
  • 1998- ’02 LS1 F-Body True Double Exhaust for OEM Manifolds/Catalytic Converters (304SS, 409SS).
  • 1998- ’02 F-Body Transmission Crossmembers & Add-on.
  • Parts/Accessories.
  • Hooker V-Band Clamps (2.5″, 3.0″).


images (66)

Motorsports fanatics are never ever at a loss for means to enhance the sport. From easy sparkle as well as go additions to efficiency improvements, one’s creative imagination is the only boundary. A traditional power-plant stuffed right into a late version framework, or a modern engine and also drivetrain hair transplanted into a traditional iron chassis, the enjoyment of the success presses the “motorsports junkie” from one task to the following.

The popularity of the GM LS engine has actually produced a substantial demand for LS based performance items, in addition to components to assist in switching the electronically controlled powertrain. Among the most forgotten elements of an LS engine conversion in an older muscular tissue or vintage car is supporting the transmission end of the brand-new powertrain. Different electric motor place adapters for an LS conversion are typically created to enable positioning the engine at the stock bellhousing place, or onward by 1 or 2 inches. Relocating the LS engine onward is often called for to give a clearance of the cylinder heads and also the exhaust headers to the firewall program and also various other framework parts. Combine this with a digital shift transmission of various dimension and also arrangement options, and also the transmission install is not placed over your transmission crossmember.

The G-Force Performance adjustable LS electric motor install adapter set enables the setup of LS platform engines right into early design GM cars that make use of a conventional 3-bolt style electric motor mount. The places are flexible to place the bell housing in the initial factory place, 1 ″ onward, or 2 ″ forward positions. A feature that is unique to the G Pressure Performance adapter is that the 3 places are geometrically placed to help with retention of appropriate driveline positioning, regardless of supply or ahead setting. Additionally, within each position is 1/2 ″ of infinite adjustment for better positioning versatility.

G-Force Efficiency transmission cross members are, (unless noted), created for OEM, or supply bellhousing location. For instance: You are bolting a 4L80E transmission behind your Large Block Chevy in your 69 Camara; the G-Force Performance transmission cross member for that application is based on the bellhousing positioned at the supply place behind the BBC. Variables such as an LS swap that transfer the bell housing area need to then be dealt with. This can be done in some vehicles by relocating the cross member the called for 1 or 2 inches as well as piercing new openings. An additional choice is the G Pressure Efficiency flexible transmission mount. This mount permits the cross member to remain in the stock area, with the mount adjustable onward between 1 ″ as well as 2- 1/2 ″.

First-generation Camaro analysis by Ed Welburn. Images courtesy General Motors:
With a new Chevrolet Camaro poised for introduction in the coming months, GM intends to maintain the version fresh in the eyes of customers until the sixth-generation auto takes its bow. One cutting-edge means to do so is to recall at five generations of Camaro, as seen with Chevrolet’s existing layout execs.

Ed Welburn is vice head of state of GM Global Layout and also the present owner of a 1969 Camaro.


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Second-generation Camaro analysis by Ken Parkinson:
Ken Parkinson is the executive supervisor of style, Chevrolet Trucks as well as Global Style, yet past that, he’s additionally the owner of a 1968 Camaro.

Third-generation Camaro analysis by John Cafaro:
John Cafaro, executive director of Chevrolet Global Car Style, is the former proprietor of a third-generation Camaro 1LE race cars and truck.


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