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The Way to Select the Best lenses for your glasses:

When buying glasses, the framework you choose is very important to Your overall look, however, the eyeglass lenses that you select influence four variables: look, comfort, vision, and security.


Eyeglass lens depth depends in part from the dimensions And fashion of the framework you select. For thinner lenses, then pick smaller, spherical or round frames. Additionally, vinyl frames conceal border thickness .

A Frequent mistake people often make when buying eyeglasses is. Not spending enough time contemplating their alternatives of eyeglass lens materials, coatings and designs.

This Report Provides you the fundamentals you Want to learn to Purchase Eyeglasses lenses sensibly.

Eyeglass lens substances – attributes and benefits

Glass lenses. From the first days of eyesight correction, all Eyeglass lenses were made from glass.

Though glass lenses provide outstanding optics, they’re heavy and may break easily, possibly causing severe injury to the eye or perhaps reduction of a watch. For all these reasons, glass lenses are not popular for glasses.

Vinyl lenses. Back in 1947, the first lightweight plastic Eyeglass lenses have been introduced. The lenses were made using a plastic veneer named CR-39.

Due to its lightweight (approximately half the weight of glass), Low price and outstanding optical properties, CR-39 plastic stays a favorite material for eyeglass lenses.

Polycarbonate lenses. From the early 1970s, the earliest Polycarbonate lenses have been introduced to eyeglasses. After that decade and from the 1980s, polycarbonate lenses became popular and remain so now.

Initially designed for helmet visors for the USA Air Force, for”tempered glass” for banking and other security programs, polycarbonate is much lighter and more impact-resistant compared to CR-39 vinyl, which makes it a favorite material for children’s eyewear, safety glasses and sports eyewear.

Back in 2001, a more recent lightweight eyeglass lens substance called Trivex was released with comparable impact-resistant possessions.

High-index plastic lenses. In the past 20 Decades, in reaction To the need for lighter, thinner eyeglasses, quite a few lens makers have now introduced high-index plastic lenses. These lenses are lighter and thinner than CR-39 plastic lenses.

Eyeglass lens remedies

As Soon as You’ve chosen your lenses, you should then think about The lens remedies which satisfy your wants.

For your most comfy, durable, and best-looking eyeglasses, The subsequent lens remedies should be considered necessary:


If you are not planning to wear sunglasses outside, be certain Your own eyeglass lenses block 100% of UV rays. Some lens substances do not without an additional coating.

Anti-scratch coating. All lightweight eyeglass lens Substances (see table) have surfaces that are significantly milder and more susceptible to dents and abrasions than glass lenses.

The softest eyeglass lens can also be among the very impact-resistant: polycarbonate. However, all vinyl and high-index vinyl lenses demand a factory-applied anti-scratch coating to get decent lens durability.

Most of the current contemporary anti-scratch coatings (also known as Scratch coats or tough coats) will create your eyeglass lenses almost as Scratch-resistant like glass.

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