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SlickyNotes Discount Code & Coupons

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Better notes Can Help You remember concepts, develop Purposeful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Powerful notes will even result in less stress if test time comes around!

Learning how to take better study notes in the course helps Enhance recall and understanding of what you are learning because of it:

  • Ensures you are actively listening to what the teacher is Saying
  • Wishing you to think about what you are writing
  • Helps you make connections between subjects
  • Serves as quality review material for a later class

Employing different note-taking strategies is important, especially as you progress through high school and transition to college or university. There are numerous note-taking approaches you may utilize to begin taking better notes beforehand.


The Cornell note-taking process helps organize class notes Into easily digestible summaries. This procedure is successful because the main factors, details, study cues, and summary are all written in 1 area.


  • Notes are organized, summarized, and easy to review
  • Allows you to pull out important ideas and concepts
  • The paper is divided into 3 segments: a 2.5″ margin to the Left, a 2″ summary section at the bottom, and a main 6″ in-class notice segment.


The Mapping note-taking process is a more visual way to Arrange your course notes. This technique is very helpful when learning about connections between topics.


  • Useful for visual learners who struggle with analyzing from notes.
  • It helps you remember and connect relationships between subjects.


The page is organized by subject. The main topics branch outside Into subtopics with comprehensive information about each.


The Outlining note-taking method uses keywords and bullet Points to arrange topics. This approach is most useful when learning about topics that have a good deal of detail.


  • Enables notes to be neatly organized.
  • It’s easy to see the relationship between topics and subtopics.
  • It’s easy to turn points into research questions.
  • Each segment begins with a heading of the main topic. Each Subtopic and the supporting fact is written under the appropriate heading.


Charting note-taking approach uses columns to organize information. This system is useful for classes that pay a good deal of details or relationships between topics.


  • Facts are coordinated and easy to review.
  • Highlights key pieces of information for each subject.

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