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There are many types of vacuum cleaners:

The Main Vacuum Types

There are five main types of vacuum cleaners. Each one performs a different function. However, some combine them to give you more bang for the buck. You can make a more informed decision about which vacuum cleaner you will use.


1. Handheld

The handheld vacuum is ideal for cleaning those difficult-to-reach places that are in desperate need of a cleaning. This model is most commonly used to vacuum cars. It can be carried in one hand, which is why it’s so popular. This vacuum cleaner is versatile and can be used to remove dirt and debris from tight spaces. However, it cannot be used for general floor cleaning as it takes too much time with a handheld. There are many types of vacuum cleaners, each with a different price tag.


2. Canister

Canister vacuum cleaners fall somewhere in the middle of the upright and stick models. These vacuum cleaners are as powerful as the upright models but have a slimmer frame than the stick cleaners. This canister can be attached to a long wand that can be used to clean carpeted areas as well as bare floors. This style of vacuum cleaner tends to be one of the most expensive options, given its technologically forward and multi-functional design.


3. Right

These vacuum cleaners are the most sought-after and popular. If you think of a vacuum cleaner or see it advertised in media outlets, you will probably picture an upright model. These vacuums provide the best cleaning power for your home and are easy to use. Most people have used an upright vacuum cleaner at some point in their lives. Many models have settings that allow them to be used on both carpeted and bare floors.


4. Stick

Stick vacuums are perhaps the weakest of all vacuum models. However, they can reach tight places and do a great job on hard floors, area rugs, and light carpeting. This vacuum has a stick-like handle and a slimmer construction. This model is slim and can be tucked into any corner after it has finished its job.


5. Autonomous/Robot

Robot vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity because they require very little effort from you. They can roam around your house, picking up all small messes. These vacuums not only save time but can reach places larger vacuums won’t, like under the couch. Robot vacuums have one major drawback: they are often expensive.


Location, Location, and Location

Are you primarily using hardwood floors in your home? Are the floors covered with an area rug or are they completely bare? Are you surrounded by wall-to-wall carpeting in your home? These are important considerations to make before you decide to buy your vacuum cleaner.


Bare floors:

You’ll be better off buying models with multiple attachments if you have bare floors. They also won’t have as much weight as the others. A regular upright vacuum can scratch hardwood floors, and it can also cause damage by scattering debris. There are some upright vacuums that work better on carpeted areas. However, if you have area rugs, a canister vacuum is your best option. This vacuum usually comes with a bare floor brush that makes it easy to keep your floors clean and free from scratches.



If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it is worth looking into a model that can handle hardwood flooring or tiling. You don’t have to worry about scratching your carpet’s surface. In fact, you will need something that can pull up all the remaining debris from the carpet strands. An upright vacuum is the best choice in this situation. Upright vacuums now have many additional conveniences, such as a dirt sensor that ensures you remove every speck of grime.


To ensure that your vacuum cleaner meets your needs, you need to know the layout of your floors and the types of surfaces you will be working with.


To bag or not to bag

It doesn’t matter if you use a bagged or non-bagged vacuum; your home will still be clean, so long as you continue to use it. There are some small differences that could make or break your choice to purchase one or the opposite.



Bagged vacuums are better for those with asthma or allergies. The bagged vacuum will reduce dust exposure by trapping as little as.03% of pollen and dust in carpets. Although you don’t have to replace bags often, they are usually available at most supermarkets.



If you are environmentally minded and prefer to not have to deal with replacing bags, the bagless vacuum is more for you. The vacuums are usually equipped with a transparent canister that allows you to see how full it is and helps you decide when to empty it.

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